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Each birthday is a new awakening. Each birthday is a new hope. Each birthday is a new promise. Each birthday is a new fulfilment.

The new awakening takes place in our physical, earth-bound consciousness. The new hope dawns in our frustrated, disappointed and unaspiring vital. The new promise comes inside our doubtful human mind. This new promise challenges the doubting, doubtful mind and reminds the mind of its origin: consciousness-flood. The new fulfilment occurs inside the entire being: In the earth-bound being and the Heaven-free being.

When the soul descends to earth, the soul takes responsibility not only for the earth-consciousness but also for the Heaven-consciousness. The earth-consciousness cries for light, cries for peace, cries for love, cries for delight. The soul promises the earth-consciousness that it will help it achieve peace, light, love, delight, joy, harmony and everything that the earth-consciousness needs. Again, it is the same soul that promises the Heaven-consciousness that it will manifest Heaven's joy satisfaction and perfection here on earth.

Each birthday is a tune, a melody of the universal music. Each individual is also a melody of the universal music. The seeker grows and glows in his music, which he can hear with his soulful ears. The very presence of the soul-child inside us is what grants us a taste of the universal music. The soul needs to climb like music, soulful music. The soul, when it climbs, knows no boundaries, no religious barriers, no political boundaries. It is all freedom, freedom within and freedom without.

Each birthday is a petal of a flower. The flower, petal by petal, blossoms and then it is ready to be placed at the inner shrine in the aspiring heart.

A thought indicates a new birthday. An iota of will indicates a new birthday. An upward movement indicates a new birthday. At every moment, whether we look within or without, we celebrate the birthday of our oneness with God, the Creator of the entire universe. When we look at something, we become one with it. On a birthday we feel our inseparable oneness with the expansion of a new light, a light that will ultimately cover the length and breadth of the world.

The real birthday does not come only once a year. The real birthday is the birth of each second in a seeker's life. An aspiring second in the seeker's heart is the real birthday. At every moment, God the Author of all good celebrates the seeker's birthday. As seekers we have to be consciously aware of something divine and supreme within us. What this divine and supreme thing is is our promise to humanity and our promise to divinity. The transformation of humanity's face is our soul's promise to humanity and the manifestation of divinity's light here on earth is our soul's promise to divinity.

20 July 1976