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What is God and what is the relationship between God and man?

God and man - this is the eternal question and the eternal answer. God is the living Breath and that living Breath is in man. Man has a goal and the name of that goal is God.
Why do you always speak of God in masculine terms?/

When I say "Father," I do not exclude the Mother. God is both masculine and feminine. It is only that the term "Father" is more familiar in the Western world because the Christ always said "Father." So I use the term "Father" because it is familiar to you. In the East we approach the feminine aspect quite often. We think of the Supreme Goddess, the Divine Mother. Again, He is neither masculine nor feminine; He transcends both. He is what He eternally is: His vision and His reality. This reality transcends both the masculine and the feminine form and, at the same time, it embodies both the masculine and the feminine.
How does one go about pleasing God?/

How to please God? I can please God by offering Him what I have and what I am. What I have is gratitude What I am is inspiration. If I want to please him more, than I must never consider my life a sad failure, but rather a constant experience of His. If I want to please Him most, not only in one but every aspect of life, than I must feel that, unlike me, He sees my life, inner and outer, as the Song of His own Life-Breath, the song of His own Perfection, growing into His perfect Perfection absolute.
When you speak of seeing God face to face, what is your conception of God?/

God is with form; He is without form. He is with attributes; He is without attributes. If an individual wants to see God as an infinite expanse of Light and delight, God will come to that person as an infinite expanse of Light and delight. But if he wants to see God as a most brilliant, most luminous being, then God will come to him like that.