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The Son

First published in 1973, The Son is a play which dramatises the life and teachings of the Saviour Christ.

The Son has been performed in many countries around the world to appreciative audiences. In 1973, Sri Chinmoy offered his own performance of the Son, performing solo the first act of the play. This opening scene takes the form of a dialogue between God the Father and God the Son, in which Jesus is being prepared for his mission on earth.

On the strength of my own highest realisation I wish to say that the Christ was, is and shall always be an avatar. Avatar means the direct representative of God — God in human form.

Sri Chinmoy 1

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Scene 1 2

(In Heaven.)

FATHER: My son, I have an excellent plan. I wish to share it with you. I want you to descend to earth and play the most significant role.

SON: Father, my Father, indeed that is a splendid idea.

FATHER: You know, to work for earth, to work for the transformation of the earth-consciousness, is an unimaginably difficult task.

SON: But Father, I do not want to miss this unique opportunity. Besides, I know pretty well that You, my Father, will inundate my earthly pilgrimage with capacity. Since I have no hesitation whatsoever, Father, I cannot brook any further procrastination.

FATHER (with a broad smile): Son, you will be on earth for thirty-three years!

SON: Only thirty-three years! How, then, am I going to fulfil my task?

FATHER: Son, you can and you shall. Son, on earth some people walk, while others march and still others run. In your case, you will not only run the fastest but also manifest the highest. Son, your body will remain on earth for thirty-three years. But your Consciousness shall guide the earth-consciousness forever and forever. Son, you will tell the world that you are the way and you are the Goal.

SON: Father, you have just thrown me into a sea of confusion.

FATHER: Why, my son? How, my son?

SON: Krishna, Buddha and others have preceded me, Father. And I am sure, after my departure, there will be others to succeed me. Such being the case, how can I tell the world that I alone am the way and the Goal?

Sri Chinmoy performs The Son

FATHER: My son, when I said you, what I actually meant was aspiration. When I said you, what I actually meant was salvation. You embody aspiration, the way. You embody salvation, the Goal. It is you the aspiration and you the salvation who will serve Me, manifest Me and fulfil Me on earth. Son, is My philosophy clear to you now?

SON: More than clear. Needless to say, it is Your Compassion that has made it so clear to me.

FATHER: I am glad that you have understood Me. I am glad that you are going to reveal Me on earth. I am glad that you are going to manifest Me on earth. I am glad that you are going to fulfil Me on earth. Remember that you are My instrument. Nimitta matram bhava savyasachin.

SON: Father, what language are You speaking? It sounds quite strange, yet so charming.

FATHER: Ah son, don’t you know this language? It is Sanskrit. And what I have just said was your brother Krishna’s lofty utterance. He said to his dearest disciple, “O Arjuna, become my mere instrument.” You will also tell your disciples and dear ones to become divine instruments. Son, I tell you something which will fascinate you or, at least, amuse you. During your stay on earth, you will go to that part of the world where scriptures in Sanskrit are being taught. You will learn much from them. You will be in that part of the world for a year. That year in your inner life will be most rewarding.

SON: How strange is Sanskrit! How sweet is Sanskrit! Father, will You kindly repeat what You have just said in Sanskrit?

FATHER: Nimitta matram bhava savyasachin.

SON: Thank You, Father. I know I am just a humble instrument of Yours. That’s all.

FATHER: Son, you know the supreme secret, and that supreme secret is humility. It is your humility that will crown you with the transcendental triumph. Son, you understand Me and I understand you. But the world will misunderstand you. You will give to humanity what you have and what you are: Love, Concern and Compassion in infinite measure. Yet the world will misunderstand you badly. Some unlit, undivine and unthinkable human beings will kill you.

SON: They will kill me! Why? How?

FATHER: Why? Because they are ignorant. How? They will crucify you.

SON: Crucify me? Are you serious, Father?

FATHER: Son, I am. Unfortunately, I am. But son, you know perfectly well that it is only the body that is destroyed, not the soul. The soul is immortal. The soul-bird will naturally fly back to its divine Source when the cage is smashed.

SON: Father, they are such ungrateful people!

FATHER: Son, gratitude has not yet been born on earth, and I do not know if it will ever take birth on earth soil. But you must not think that I have forsaken you at the time of your crucifixion. The human in you will think so, but not the divine in you. Since you are taking human incarnation, you have to act like a human being at times. Otherwise, there will be no game. Otherwise, people will always see a yawning gulf between your life of purity and luminosity and their lives of impurity and obscurity. Noticing this, they will never attempt to transcend their earth-bound consciousness. Light must descend into darkness. Only then can Light transform and illumine darkness. There is no other way. To transform the consciousness of humanity you have to become one with humanity. You have to become part and parcel of humanity. You have to act at times on their own level, according to their limited understanding. My son, there is no other way.

At the end of your journey the human in you will say, “Father, why hast Thou forsaken me?” The divine in you will say, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” I assure you, My son, the dying human in you will immediately be comforted by Me and will be well taken care of by Me. The illumining divine in you will not only immortalise you, but will also hasten My full manifestation on earth.

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