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Speak to us about the human ego.

The ego is that very thing which limits us in every sphere of life. We are God's children; we are one with God. But the ego makes us feel that we do not belong to God, that we are perfect strangers to Him. At best, it makes us feel that we are going to God, not that we are in God.

The ego does not like to feel that someone else has more capacity or that someone else can do something which it cannot do. At one time ego will make us feel that we are nothing and at another time it will make us feel that we are everything. We have to be careful of both of our feelings of importance and our feelings of unimportance. We have to say that if God wants us to be nothing, then we will gladly be nothing, and if God wants us to be everything, we will be everything gladly. We have to surrender unconditionally and cheerfully to the Will of God. If He wants us to be His peers, we shall be. If He wants us to be His true representative on earth, we shall be. “Let Thy Will be done.”

/How can I conquer ego?/

Ego is separativity and individuality. Separativity and human individuality cannot live in the sea of oneness and universality. The ego deals only with the person and his possessions. If we deal with the Universal Consciousness, we become the entire universe. In this consciousness we do not act like a tiny individual who can only claim himself and feel, "This is my property. This is my capacity. This is my achievement." No, at that time we will say, "All achievements are mine. There is nothing that I cannot claim as my very own."

The easiest way to conquer ego is to offer gratitude to God for five minutes daily. Then you will feel that inside you a sweet, fragrant and beautiful flower is growing. That is the flower of humility. When you offer Him your gratitude, God gives you something most beautiful, which is humility. Once it has seen the flower of humility, the ego goes away because it feels that it can become something better: universal oneness.

The ego always tries to possess things for itself. But when we transcend ego, we try to give everything for God's Satisfaction, for the world's satisfaction and for our soul's satisfaction.