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Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to visitors to The policy explains how data from website visitors is handled, and how we comply with international data privacy laws.

1. Use of Cookies

  • The website itself does not issue any cookies to visitors.
  • The videos we embed on the site are hosted by Vimeo. If you play one, Vimeo will issue 3 or 4 cookies, none of which contain personally identifying information. See Vimeo's cookie policy »

2. Statistics and server logs

We use Statcounter to gather statistics on how visitors find and use our site, which helps us make the site better. In order to do so, Statcounter collects the time and date of visit (to help us understand when are the busy times on the site), information about browser, operating system and device information such as type and screen size (so we can make sure that the site is working well on all browsers, operating systems and devices) and referring data such as search engine links (this can help us to understand which search engines are helping visitors to find our website). The same information is also logged by our own servers for security, and is deleted within 2 weeks. Statcounter does not collect the visitor's full IP address; in practice, this means that we can only determine the general city or region of a visitor to our site, but nothing more specific. It is impossible for Statcounter or our server logs to collect data which can be used to personally identify you.


The privacy policy above details how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).