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What exactly is initiation?

Real initiation is the total acceptance of the disciple by the Master. The Guru accepts the disciple unreservedly and unconditionally. At the time of initiation, the Guru makes a solemn promise to the individual seeker or aspirant that he will do his best to help the seeker in his or her spiritual life. The Guru will offer his heart and soul to take the disciple into the highest region of the Beyond.

/Are there any secrets to be transferred at initiation?/

The greatest secret one learns from one's Guru is this: only by fulfilling the Supreme first can one fulfill the rest of the world.

/How important is initiation?/

Initiation is of paramount importance. The Master can initiate the seeker either outwardly or inwardly. But the traditional outer way, as part of a religious rite, is far less effective than the silence-initiation. In the silence-initiation, the Master offers a portion of his life-breath to the seeker for his ignorance-illumination and his delight-realization. Initiation is purification. No purification, no perfection. No perfection, no satisfaction either on earth or in Heaven.