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/Could you speak to us about desire./

Desire is temptation. When temptation is nourished, true happiness becomes starved. Aspiration is the soul's awakening. The soul's awakening is the birth of supernal delight. It is only through high, higher and highest aspiration that one can get rid of all temptations, seen and unseen, born and yet to be born. Temptation is a universal disease. For a man without aspiration, temptation is unmistakably irresistible. But a true seeker feels and knows he can resist temptation and what he cannot resist is transformation, the transformation of his physical nature, his entire consciousness. Of course, this transformation is something he does not want to resist. On the contrary, it is for this transformation that he lives on earth.

/How can I separate myself from my physical desires?/

First of all, since you have accepted the spiritual life, you have to ask yourself whether desire satisfies and fulfills you or not. In your inner being you will feel that it neither satisfies nor fulfills you. Before you actually desire, you have in mind the object or fruit of your desire, and you think that when you attain that object, you will be happy. Unfortunately, what you eventually get is frustration. When you enter into the physical or lower vital desire with your mind, you are caught. You enter into the very jaws of a devouring tiger. When you concentrate on desire, you can feel inwardly that in the beginning there is no light, in the end there is no light and in the middle there is no light. There is only darkness from the beginning to the end, and darkness means the absence of divine satisfaction. If you can feel this result before you actually desire, then you can easily turn your life away from desire.

Do not think of your physical desires, but think only of your aspiration. If you can run forward with one-pointed determination, limitations and desires will fade away from your life. Aspiration is the only answer.