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How can one have a disciplined life?

A disciplined life can come from only one thing, and that is aspiration, the inner cry. When we cry for outer things, sometimes we get them, sometimes we do not. But if our inner cry is sincere, we see that fulfillment always dawns. A child cries for milk. He is crying in his cradle in the living room. The mother may be in the kitchen, but wherever she is, the mother comes running to feed the child with milk. Now why? The mother feels the cry of the child is genuine and sincere. Similarly, in the spiritual life we have an inner cry. If we have that inner cry, then it does not matter when we cry. It may be at noon, in the morning or in the evening. At any hour, that inner cry reaches God and God is bound to fulfill that inner cry. If one wants to discipline oneself, if one is dissatisfied with his loose life and if one feels that from a disciplined life he can have real fulfillment, perfection and satisfaction, then God is bound to help that particular sincere seeker. If there is an inner cry, then nothing on earth can be denied. No fruit can be denied an individual who has an inner cry.
What attributes do we need if we are going to practice self-control?/

For self-control we need simplicity, sincerity and humility. Simplicity has to feed self-control. Sincerity has to feed self-control. Humility has to feed self-control. Unfortunately, we are living in an age when self-control is not appreciated. It has become an object of ridicule. A man is trying hard for self-mastery, and his friends, neighbours, relatives and acquaintances all mock him. They find no reality in his sincere attempt to master his life. They think that the way they are living their lives is normal. The man who is trying to control his life is a fool, according to them. But who is the fool? He who wants to conquer himself or he who is constantly a victim of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety? Needless to say, he who wants to conquer himself is not only the wisest man but also the greatest divine hero. Let the world find fault with you. Let the world laugh at you. Your sincerity is your safeguard. Your spiritual discipline will lead you to your destined goal. Everybody has the capacity and opportunity to become a king if he wants to. Who is a king? Not he who governs a country, but he who governs himself.