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How can we overcome the fear of death?

Conquering the fear of death depends on how much love you have for God and how sincerely you need Him. If you need someone, immediately you establish a kind of inner access to that person. If your need for God is soulful, devoted and constant, then in the inner world you establish a free access to God's love, God's compassion, God's concern. And if you can always feel God's love, compassion and concern, then how can you be afraid of death?

/Why is there fear in the physical, the vital and the mind?/

Precisely because we do not want to expand our consciousness. I feel that I am separate from you. You feel that you are separate from me. That is why I am afraid of you and you are afraid of me. But when we realize the Highest, immediately we feel the length and breadth of the universe as our very own. In expansion only can we expel fear. If we expand our consciousness, then we become one with others. We feel that we belong to them and they belong to us. How can we be afraid of anybody when we represent divinity in humanity and others represent the same divinity in humanity? So there can be no fear.

The aspiring heart has no fear, but the unaspiring heart does have fear. The aspiring heart has a flame, a burning flame that mounts towards the Highest. Where there is Light, there cannot be fear.