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Kind words from world leaders

"I would like to appreciate once again Sri Chinmoy's noble mission of creating a harmonious and prosperous world for all the people on Earth."

President Mikhail Gorbachev
1990 Nobel Peace Laureate
13 April 2014

"My Brother, I applaud your lifetime of service to humanity in the great cause of world peace. I will always remember our meetings with much joy."

"The Peace Centres that you have established in various parts of the world are critical for the survival of humanity."

Nelson Mandela
1994 Nobel Peace Laureate
23 August 2005

"We give deep thanks that Sri Chinmoy allowed himself to be such a conduit of blessing. May we emulate his sterling example."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Nobel Peace Laureate 1984
8 April 2013

"I am pleased that you are spreading India's message of peace and love in the Western world."

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
Second President of India
10 November 1965

"I am grateful to you for illumining me and encouraging me in the evening of my life."

Eamon de Valera
15 June 1973
President of Ireland and “Father of the Nation”

"You are a Mahapurusha, a Great Soul, and hearing your words will help me…I thank you for coming and praying for me…I see such purity inside you. Your prayers give greatest strength to me. "

Giani Zail Singh
President of India, 1982-87
30 October 1982

"I am proud of the contributions you have made in revealing the inner joy and peace of a true and lasting world.

Jimmy Carter
39th President of the United States
3 December 1987

"Sri Chinmoy enriched the lives of countless others and served as a model of generosity and discipline to those he met, fostering an atmosphere of compassion, harmony, and unity…His legacy of kindness, reflection, and resolve will endure for many years to come."

Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States of America
17 October 2007

"It is a privilege to have you here in Sri Lanka. I clearly see that your whole life is for the cause of humanity."

Ranasinghe Premadasa
President of Sri Lanka, (1989-93)
9 January 1990

"Your remarkable accomplishments have helped to ensure a better world for humankind."

Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada
5 August 1998

"My meeting with Sri Chinmoy is the most beautiful and happiest moment in my life. This proves that Light comes from God."

President Boris Trajkovski
2nd President of the Republic of Macedonia
8 May 2002

I would say that my spirit was enlightened when I met Sri Chinmoy, because he is a teacher, he is an example, he is an inspiring light.

*Jorge E. Illueca*
President of Panama and President of the 38th Session of the UN General Assembly
19 May 2001

"Sri Chinmoy's name has become synonymous with peace itself."

Guido da Marco
President of Malta
President of 45th Session of the UN General Assembly

"You have dedicated your life to the service of humanity and have brought together millions of people worldwide in the spirit of friendship and oneness."

Girija Koirala
Prime Minister of Nepal five times from 1991-2008
29 June 2006

"I hope the Sri Chinmoy organization will continue their peace-activities for many more years to come, so together we can strive for a world where peace and harmony are not mere dictionary words, but living realities."

Herman van Rompuy
President of the European Council
3 April 2014

"Indeed, Sri Chinmoy is one of humanity's truly great messengers of peace who has served amongst us."

*Dr. Mari Alkatiri*
First Prime Minister of Timor-Leste
13 April 2013

"In the difficult moments of the struggle for peace, Sri Chinmoy remained a lighthouse of good will, profound wisdom and generous humanity."

Dr. Danilo Türk
President of the Republic of Slovenia, 2007-2012 3 April 2014

"Sri Chinmoy's vision was that all people are ultimately brothers and sisters of one big world family. If Sri Chinmoy's vision is established throughout the world, then our world will not only be more harmonious but also more livable."

Dr. M. Spindelegger
Vice Chancellor of Austria
7 April 2014

"Sri Chinmoy has the key to open up the heart of the whole world. Sri Chinmoy is the true world leader. "

Sinoehoen Pakoeboewono XII
King of Surakarta
King of all Kings of Indonesia
10 December 2003

"Sri Chinmoy was a man of compassion and tolerance, representing the very best in humanity."

Jan Eliasson
Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
President of the 60th Session of the UN General Assembly
13 October 2007

"Your consciousness knows no frontiers, your compassion knows no bounds and your horizons are as vast and limitless as those of the firmament itself…All India is proud of you."

Lakhan Mehrotra
Secretary to the Government, Ministry of External Affairs
UN Envoy in Cambodia/Indonesia
4 August 2006

"I regard Sri Chinmoy's work as one of the real treasures of the 20th and 21st centuries, probably the most powerful pillar of a culture of peace that currently exists."

Vladimir Petrovsky
Under-Secretary-General of the UN
Director General of the UN Office in Geneva.

"You have been our ambassador of peace and inner goodness for a quarter of a century. How fortunate we are in New York to have you in our midst."

*Daniel P. Moynihan*
United States Senator from New York, 1977-2001
21 April 1989

"Each and every one of us has been privileged, because we have been touched by a great master-teacher, a great inspirer, who has given us a message, a message to live by. Let us touch as many lives and as many souls and as many hearts as Guru has touched."

Gary Ackerman
United States Congressman from New York, 1983-2013
13 October 2007. Continue reading speech