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Kind words from musicians

“I am most grateful to you for the most wonderful moment of my life. Bless you, bless you, bless you!”

Pablo Casals
5 October 1972

"Sri Chinmoy is a miraculous model of the abundance in the creative life, and I can only hope that I may someday participate in that cosmic fountain of stillness and profound energy which he inhabits."

Leonard Bernstein
31 October 1977

"Your life has been a continuous flow of living inspiration and dedication to the triumph of the humane."

Yehudi Menuhin
13 August 1996

"What Sri Chinmoy does is God-given. He has a tremendous, a fantastic creative urge."

Ravi Shankar
11 October 2002

"From the depth of our hearts we thank you for lifting us high so that our hearts opened up to receive the universal love which pours out from you.

11 March 2003

“There are but a few real and true human beings to whom I will never ever be able to repay my debt of gratitude. The principal reason for this is that they have transcended the merely human and attained the All. Sri Chinmoy is one of these human beings. My gratitude to him will remain forever endless.”

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin
October 2007