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Kind words from Kurt Waldheim

United Nations Secretary-General 1972-1981

“I have known you now for so many years — it is decades since we have known each other — and I know how much you have contributed to our efforts in the United Nations to work for peace, to work for understanding, to bridge the gap between rich and poor people in the world, to try to improve the lives of so many people.” 1

Kurt Waldheim
30 September 2004, Vienna.

"We want only peace, peace. You are praying, praying for peace. I know what you and the Group are doing for us. I know it, I can feel it." 2

Kurt Waldheim
16 July 1976

Sri Chinmoy to Kurt Waldheim

Kurt Waldheim and Sri Chinmoy, 30 Sep 2004.

Kurt Waldheim and Sri Chinmoy, 30 Sep 2004.

"To the truth-seeker, peace-lover, oneness-dreamer, perfection-builder, satisfaction-harbinger and the supreme Pilot in the Secretary-General, Kurt Waldheim, we offer our soulful gratitude-heart." 3

Sri Chinmoy

O Kurt Waldheim,
O UN's lightning speed!
Your mind-heart’s concern-flames constantly feed
This world of fearful cry and tearful sigh,
To see a peaceful earth and blessingful sky.
Your life of duty-tree and beauty-flower
Awakens the sleeping world and its oneness-power.

Sri Chinmoy
Song dedicated to Kurt Waldheim, composed 20 May 1976 4

"O Kurt Waldheim … your mind-heart's concern-flames constantly feed this world of fearful cry and tearful sigh, to see a peaceful earth and blessingful sky." 5

Sri Chinmoy

"O Kurt Waldheim,... in you I always see a divinely inspired miracle-man. You see, you touch and you cure the suffering heart of humanity." 6

Sri Chinmoy

In 1977, Sri Chinmoy published the book A Soulful Tribute to the Secretary-General: The Pilot Supreme of the United Nations dedicated to Kurt Waldheim.

Read the book: Sri Chinmoy Library

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