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Pope John Paul II

June 18th, 1980, The Vatican

From Pope John Paul II to Sri Chinmoy

“Special blessings to you. Special greetings to your members. We shall continue together.”

June 18th, 1980
Meeting at the Vatican

“God bless you and your divine activities.”

October 14th, 1987
Meeting at the Vatican

“I am very grateful for your visit. God bless you and all your contemplative activities.”

*November 30th, 1988*
Meeting at the Vatican

Pope John Paul II blesses the Peace Torch, May 31st 1995, The Vatican

“I salute the runners of the Peace Run who are carrying a torch to the destination of peace through the streets of the world.”
*May 31st, 1995*
After having blessed the Sri Chinmoy Peace Torch and held the Peace Torch with Sri Chinmoy at the Vatican.

From Sri Chinmoy to Pope John Paul II


“Father John Paul, Salvation-King!
Your galaxy of glories we sing.
Soulful delight, your inner game.
Fruitful courage, your outer name.
Sleepless you awaken the sleeping lives.
In you our Lord's God-Vision thrives.
O Himalayan Pole, O pole star bright,
You tell the world: 'No bondage-night.'”

Sri Chinmoy presents Pope John Paul II with the U Thant Peace award, 22nd May, 1998, The Vatican

“Each day the Holy Father brings to the world a new hope and a new promise for the betterment of humanity.”

“You are the living emblem of peace on earth.”

“Your courage, faith and compassion have elevated this world far, far beyond the flight of our imagination.”

“Your very presence among us is a supreme blessing for humanity.”