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Kofi Annan

United Nations Secretary-General 1997-2006

"Let me also take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your 30 years of dedication to the United Nations. Through your prayers, meditations, concerts and global ‘Peace Run’, your work has linked peace-lovers in more than 100 countries and complemented that of the world Organization. I encourage you to continue in this creative and dynamic service." 1

Kofi Annan
Letter 22 September 2000

“Thank you for your very kind letter and good wishes on my re-appointment as Secretary-General. “I am heartened to note your commitment to the ideals of the United Nations. Such expressions of support always come as a source of encouragement, reassurance and inspiration to me personally, and to all of us who work in the Organization. It is ultimately the faith of people like you that gives us strength to pursue our work. 2

Kofi Annan
10 July 2001

“The Peace Meditation at the United Nations spans three decades, crosses multiple frontiers and motivates many people. In this house dedicated to duty and debate in the service of peace, meditation serves the same cause in silence and in stillness. On this 30th anniversary, please accept my best wishes on behalf of the United Nations along with the hope that the cause of peace will become a reality in the new millennium.” 3

Kofi Annan
18 April 2000

“I wish to thank you for the book Kofi Annan:Cynosure-Eyes. Your beautiful quotations and generous words are inspiring to me, and your selection of photos very evocative of the many roles of the Secretary-General. I appreciate your dedication to the United Nations and its goals over many years. 4

Secretary-General Kofi Annan
5 June 2002

Sri Chinmoy to Kofi Annan

"This momentous and historical achievement of yours and of the entire United Nations — receiving the centenary Nobel Peace Prize — is truly an unparalleled achievement for all humanity… At a time of unimaginable suffering, today’s announcement has given precious hope and boundless joy to countless millions of peace-lovers and peace-servers throughout the length and breadth of the world. You offer a clarion call at every hush-gap for the family of nations to join together for the benefit of all… Through your stellar leadership and through a myriad of global programmes which you have initiated, the United Nations has become the heart-home of the entire humanity. Now the peace-loving world immediately and confidently looks to the United Nations to solve its most pressing problems." 5

Sri Chinmoy
Letter written after the Secretary General's Nobel Peace Prize for 2001.

"The world community has recognised in your humble yet great capacity the vision-voice that the United Nations wants and needs to usher it into a new era of hope and fulfilment… Our thoughts and prayers are with you and for you as you embark upon your oneness-journey for world peace. 6

Sri Chinmoy
16 December 1996


Sri Chinmoy offers a meditation at an Interfaith service for the United Nations, 25 April 1997, at which Secretary-General Kofi Annan was the guest of honour.

"I wish to offer you my deepest gratitude for the golden opportunity to participate in yesterday’s most soulful Interfaith Service dedicated to our beloved United Nations and to your nobility-flooded leadership… Dear Secretary-General, you and the United Nations have been inseparably one for thirty years… Now you have become the tallest and most powerful wisdom-tree, sheltering all the countries, all the faiths, all the cultures and all the races." 7

Sri Chinmoy
26 April 1997

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