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Kind words from sportsmen and women

"I believe very much in what you do. I am an admirer of yours. I love what you are doing."

Jesse Owens
4 November 1972

"Sri Chinmoy is a very spiritual man. I feel the reason Sri Chinmoy lifted this weight is because of his love of God and belief that through God all things are possible. This man has done the impossible because of faith, wisdom and love of God.

Muhammad Ali


"Sri Chinmoy's love is able to touch all human hearts. There is no boundary to the millions of people he reaches around the world."

Sudhahota Carl Lewis
13 April 1989

"Sri Chinmoy brings Heaven to me. He inspires everybody to be happy. His books are a very good introduction to a happy life. There is nothing more beautiful and more fruitful than making people sincerely happy."

Emil Zatopek
Triple Olympic Gold Medalist, 1956 Olympics

"I’d like to thank Sri Chinmoy for his philosophy on life and all he has done, once again, in making this world a better place."

Billie Jean King
22 May 2003, New York.

"Sri Chinmoy was a man of peace and a man of God!"

Tegla Laroupe
13 April 2013

"Sri Chinmoy is revealing capabilities that humans have never tapped before. Sri Chinmoy is a pathfinder for humanity."

Al Oerter
18 February 2000

"Sri Chinmoy is truly unique and special. He has rediscovered the lost art of special strength feats and weightlifting. He has got the biggest, heaviest calf machine in the world. It is a miracle that this man can even support this kind of weight. He is really an inspiration to me."

Bill Pearl
Five-times Mr. Universe
World's Best Built Man of the Century

"To me, Sri Chinmoy is a source of higher power and an uplifting example of right attitude. He understands the human impulse to transcend one's present limited state of being, and his life exemplifies this."

Frank Zane
Three-time Mr. Olympia, Three-time Mr. Universe
13 April 1989