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God the Supreme

God the Supreme

God and Humanity

Man and God are one another's supreme necessity. Man needs God for his highest transcendental realisation and God needs man for His absolute earthly manifestation.

God's Will

God's Will in an individual is progressive, like a muscle developing—strong, stronger, strongest. God's Will is to make an individual feel that there is something abiding, lasting, everlasting.


God can be seen. He can be felt. He can be realised. When He is seen, He is Existence. When He is felt, He is Consciousness. When He is realised, He is Delight.

The Cosmic Game

The Cosmic Game

Fate and Free Will

The Existence of Suffering

Good and Evil

Heaven and Hell

Immortality and Eternity

Aspects of God

Aspects of the Supreme

Divine Love

Divine Justice

Divine Forgiveness

The Personal Aspect of the Supreme

Communing with God

Communing with God

Religion and Spirituality


God's Presence