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The Saviour Christ

On the strength of my own highest realisation I wish to say that the Christ was, is and shall always be an avatar. Avatar means the direct representative of God — God in human form.

Sri Chinmoy 1

Question: Do you recognise Jesus Christ as a prophet, as the Son of God or as a friend of mankind, historically engaged in raising its social and spiritual level?

Sri Chinmoy: I recognise Jesus Christ not only as an unparalleled prophet and the beloved Son of God but also as a supreme oneness-friend of mankind. What he did, what he is doing and what he will be doing is far beyond the domains of history, society and certain levels of spirituality.

As the beloved Son of God, Jesus Christ came into the world to become part and parcel of earth’s existence, and to transform its consciousness from human to divine. True, his mortal years numbered a mere thirty-three, but birthless and deathless is his immortal sacrifice for Heaven and earth.

As an unparalleled prophet, he offered the message of divine love and divine surrender to God’s Will. “Let Thy Will be done!” What could be a greater prayer than this? These words of the Saviour will echo and re-echo always inside the very depths of our hearts. To surrender unconditionally to our Lord Supreme is the very purpose of our existence; it is every soul’s ultimate mission on earth.

As the true oneness-friend of mankind, Jesus Christ flooded the earth-consciousness with Compassion and Forgiveness. His immortal prayer, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” will forever draw down God’s Compassion and Forgiveness from above for the inwardly hungry and thirsty truth-seekers and God-lovers. Indeed, Jesus’ self-offering life and earth-illumining message will shine bright, brighter, brightest in the aspiring heart and God-loving life of humanity throughout Eternity. 2

Jesus Christ's Sermon on the Mount
Is Eternity's
Unparalleled source of inspiration
For the aspiring humanity.
Mother Earth cried through his heart.
Father Heaven smiled through his eyes.

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy sings ‘Jishu Jishu Nam’, a Bengali song composed by him in honour of the Christ. The translation begins: “Jesus, Jesus! Sleeplessly and breathlessly I repeat the Name of Lord Jesus. Deep I dive In His Consciousness Universal…”

Question: What is your personal opinion of Jesus Christ? Do you believe he achieved something?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. My personal opinion of Jesus Christ is that he is God’s Son. If you feel that he has not achieved anything, unfortunately I cannot see eye to eye with you. On the strength of my own realisation, I know that he is a real Son of God and a real world-Saviour. He was God-realised and fully illumined. He had a heart full of compassion; his heart was a flood of compassion. He was, he is and he will always remain a Saviour to mankind.

But if somebody says that he is the Saviour, the only Saviour, and that Krishna, the Buddha and others are not Saviours, then unfortunately I cannot agree, because I know these other great Masters as well as I know the Christ. If we say that the Christ is the only chosen Son of God, then we are limiting God. These other Masters did exist. These are all God’s chosen children of the highest order. They are brothers and God, the Supreme, is their Father. How do these Masters become chosen? They are chosen because they have sacrificed their desires: they have accepted only the life of aspiration — divine aspiration and inner cry.

The achievement of Jesus Christ is extraordinary. No spiritual seeker of the Truth can deny it. The moment a sincere seeker enters into the domain of spirituality, which is real reality, at that time he will immediately see how great, how sublime, how high, how far beyond the flight of his imagination, is the Throne of Jesus Christ. This I say on the strength of my own inner experience and realisation. 3


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  • On seeing the painting of the Christ above, Sri Chinmoy remarked "The artist has really captured the consciousness of Jesus Christ." 4

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