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God’s Love

God unconditionally loves
Each and every human being.
Indeed, this is a divine mystery
That no human mind can ever fathom.

Sri Chinmoy 1

God loves us. He loves us constantly and unconditionally. No matter what we have done, what we are doing or what we shall do, He will always love us. God loves us much more than He loves Himself. If we use our thinking and doubting minds, this may seem hard to believe. But if we use our loving and surrendering hearts, then we are bound to feel that God loves us infinitely more than He loves Himself.

Why does He love us so much? He loves us because His Dream remains unfulfilled without us, His Reality remains unmanifested without us; without us He is incomplete. Right now we feel that it is only we who really love ourselves. Then there may come a time when we think that God, too, loves us. But for us to believe that God loves us infinitely more than we love ourselves seems to be a sheer impossibility. 2

We have to shed soulful tears if we want to embody the Supreme consciously and if we want to fulfil and manifest the Supreme at every moment of our earthly existence. When a child cries, the mother comes running. Similarly, when we cry from the inmost recesses of our heart, our eternal Father, the Supreme, comes running to feed us, to illumine us, to carry us to the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

Common questions about God’s Love

Question: How can I overcome the feeling that I do not deserve God’s Love?

Sri Chinmoy: Where human love is concerned, sometimes we expect love because of what we have done and sometimes we receive love without making any actual effort to be loved. And, of course, sometimes we do not get the love that we feel we rightly deserve. In the spiritual world, it is not like that. God is constantly standing right in front of us with His all-fulfilling Love. He is all Love; He cannot be otherwise.

Very often an ordinary human being has to make a conscious effort to try to love others. But if a person is already endowed with a few divine qualities, then love — which is most essential in our human world and in our divine world — he will have in boundless measure.

But in God’s case, He does not have to will or desire to love us. Love is God’s very Essence. It flows from Him eternally.3

Question: How can I be more receptive to God’s Love? Sometimes I feel God is ignoring me!

Sri Chinmoy: God can never ignore us. He is manifesting Himself in and through us, so He cannot ignore us. God knows that we are His instruments, His chosen instruments, so how can He ignore us? We are His children.

Sometimes we pray to God most intensely, but God does not answer for days or months. Perhaps our dear ones are about to die, so we cry and pray to God to save them. Then we see that God does not listen to our prayer. Is God so cruel? No. He has His own Way of operating. But just because we pray and meditate, we do feel that there is Someone who is a little higher than we are. If we are sincere, we have to feel that there is Someone who loves our dear ones more than we do. There is Somebody who has the capacity to sympathise with the suffering of a particular human being more than we can.

God loves us in His own Way, not in our way. Right now we feel that God loves us if He fulfils our desires or aspirations. But when we go deep within and experience real Love, the divine Love, we will feel that we are God’s chosen children. And whether He fulfils our immediate wishes or not, we know that whatever He does, He is doing for our own good. 4

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