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Personal experiences relating to Sri Krishna

by Sri Chinmoy

I had quite a few experiences before I became aware of my God-realisation. I have already written about a few of these experiences. One of my highest was the time I wanted to leave earth, and Mother Earth was asking me to stay here to work for manifestation. The experiences that I wrote about in my poems “The Absolute” and “Immortality” were also extremely high experiences.

I also had a high experience just three months after I entered the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The young boys and girls in the Ashram had to do selfless service, and my job was to work in the paddy field. While I was working in the paddy field, I noticed that one of the mango trees was bending down. I just looked at the tree and everywhere in the tree — in all the fruits and leaves — I saw my Lord Krishna. Krishna was here, Krishna was there; everywhere I was seeing Lord Krishna! Before that, I was not thinking of Krishna at all; I was meditating on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. But when I saw Lord Krishna everywhere, I was so thrilled. My dearest boyhood friend was right beside me. I was telling him, “Look, look, look at what I am seeing!” He had such love for me that he did not think of challenging me or saying that it was a mental hallucination. But he himself did not see anything. This experience I will never forget. 1

My first musical performance

Sri Chinmoy performing on harmonium 1960s.

In June 1965, the Asia Society wanted someone to set tune to and sing three songs. They were poems by ancient Bengali poets…When I went to perform the songs at the Guggenheim Museum, there were quite a few people and they appreciated my singing.

I was there an hour ahead of time. I was looking at the street light by the gate and whom did I see? Lord Krishna! It was not my mental hallucination. He was dancing before me because all the songs were dedicated to Krishna and Radha. 2

The pure white garland

After I lifted 303 1/2 pounds, I sat on my blue chair in the meditation room to watch the video. Immediately Lord Krishna stood in front of me and garlanded me. The garland was all white and very, very long. Mother Kali stood beside me, smiling and dancing. She was so proud. Then they came and stood next to me and watched the video.

Later that night, at the celebration, some disciples also presented me with a long, white garland. It was very beautiful, but Krishna’s garland had been much longer.

— 12 August 1986 3

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