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3. How does one know whether he is ready for a spiritual path or not?

How does one know whether he is ready for a spiritual path or not?

When you are hungry you know that you have to eat. Your hunger compels you to eat something. In the inner life also, when you are hungry for peace, light and bliss, at that time you are ready. When you have an inner cry, then you are ready for a spiritual path. When you feel the need, you are ready. If you don't have the need, then you are not ready,

Sometimes it happens that the seeker is ready and the Master is available, but attachment to the ordinary life prevents the seeker from looking sincerely enough. The other day somebody told me that she has been looking for a Master for nineteen or twenty years. I was so surprised, because I was positive that her Master is alive. If she had really been searching sincerely and crying for her Master, then she would have found him. If the aspirant is really sincerely crying for a path, then his path will present itself before him. If he really cries for a spiritual Master, either the Master will come to him or he will be able to go to the Master. No sincere effort ends in vain. If someone makes a sincere effort, then I wish to say that his inner life and outer life are bound to be crowned with success.