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2. Is it possible to follow more than one path?

Is it possible to follow more than one path?

If you are practising spiritual discipline under the guidance of a Master, it is always advisable to give up your connection with other paths. If you are satisfied with one Master but are still looking for another Master, then you are making a serious mistake. You will not be able to receive what your Master wants to give you, and your spiritual progress will be very slow. Spirituality is not like a school where you have a teacher in each subject: history, geography and so on. No. God-realisation is one subject, and for that subject only one teacher is needed. So for the fastest progress, it is always advisable to find a Master in whom you have the utmost faith and then remain in his boat only. Otherwise, if you have one foot in his boat and another foot in some other boat, you will eventually fall into the water.