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Q&A: The silent mind

If I get creative ideas while I am meditating, should I follow them or should I just try to feel with my heart?

As soon as you get a positive idea, you should I consider it as a blessing from the Supreme. But s you have to know what kind of inspiration it is. If it is an illumining inspiration, then you should follow it. If it is a creative inspiration to do something really good, then follow it. Any creative thought, anything that gives you a higher goal, should be followed. If a particular inspiration brings something new into your life and is able to transform your life, then that inspiration you should follow.

You may feel that inspiration is only in the mind whereas aspiration is only in the heart. But aspiration can be in the mind and inspiration can be in the heart. Inspiration can come to aspiration and vice versa. But inspiration must be of a very high type. Otherwise it B cannot help you in your meditation at all. During meditation if you are inspired to make most delicious cookies, this kind of inspiration is a waste of time.

If it is an illumining inspiration, then please take these ail creative ideas as your own progress. When you get creative ideas, you have to know that they are creations from another world which want to manifest on the physical plane. When your meditation is over, you should write down the ideas. Afterwards you can elaborate on them.