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Q&A: The silent mind

I try to keep my mind from wandering during meditation, but I have very little success.

You are not exercising the capacity of your heart; you are only exercising the mind's power. Very often when I am concentrating on you, I see that your mind is rotating like a wheel. When the mind rotates, it is very difficult for the Supreme to act in your mind. But when your heart aspires even for a second, the Supreme opens the door and enters.

From now on, please try to feel that you do not have a mind at all. This does not mean that you will be like a brute or an animal. No! The human mind is not necessary because you have a superior instrument called the heart. If you can stay in your heart for five minutes, even if you do not pray or meditate, your consciousness will be raised.

The heart is like a fountain of peace, joy and love. You can sit at the base of the fountain and just enjoy. There is no need to pray to the Supreme to give you this or that, for you will get all the things that you want-and infinitely more-from this fountain. But you will get them in the Supreme's own way. If you can please the Supreme by staying always in the presence of your heart-fountain, your desires will be fulfilled most luminously. They may be the same desires that you have always had, but they will be touched on a very high level with luminosity. Before He fulfils these, the Supreme will transform each desire into aspiration with His light.