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Q&A: Can one learn to overcome one's fears through meditation?

Can one learn to overcome one's fears through meditation?

Through meditation, outer fear and inner fear are bound to leave us. Now you are a victim to fear because you do not know how to expand your consciousness. But when you take refuge in your divinity, with the help of meditation, then fear has to leave you, for it feels that it is knocking at the wrong door. Now you are helpless, but fear will be helpless the moment it sees that through meditation you are in touch with something most powerful.

The very purpose of meditation is to unite, expand, enlighten and immortalise our consciousness. When we meditate, we enter into our own divinity. Divinity is not afraid of humanity, because divinity has infinite power. When we have free access to divinity, when our entire existence, inner and outer, is surcharged with divinity's boundless and infinite power, then how can we be afraid of humanity? It is impossible!

Have no fear. Nobody has any power of his own. Only God has power, and His power is another name for His sleepless Love.