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Q&A: One time when I was meditating I suddenly found myself thinking

/One time when I was meditating I suddenly found myself thinking about some friends who needed some help. I could never describe the power I felt at this time, but I took these friends and lifted them. Two or three days later these friends were helped. Somebody needed a job and he got it, and somebody was ill and he got better. Is it related to my experience or was it mere coincidence?/

It was not a coincidence; far from it. It was your own inner being that helped them. At that time you became the instrument of the Inner Pilot, the Supreme. The Supreme wanted to help those people, and He actually made you the instrument to help them. It was not a coincidence.

When you meditate and enter into your highest consciousness, your soul automatically tries to help your dear ones. When you enter into a very high, very deep realm of consciousness, automatically the power from within comes to the fore and you can help others. Sometimes your friends do not know who has helped them. But your soul knows and their souls know that the help has come from you. It is not your mental hallucination or ego.

If you can become a better listener. God's Compassion will immediately become a better adviser.