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Activity after meditation

/For a six o'clock meditation, will we do better if we get up at five and are up for a full hour before meditating? If we enter into activity, will we become more awake?/

It is not good if there is too much activity. If you touch a material object, immediately the consciousness of that object enters into you. If you touch a novel, immediately the consciousness of the author will enter into you. If you are drowsy and start doing housework to wake yourself up, then the housework consciousness will enter into you. If you are drowsy, it is best to take a shower. Water signifies consciousness. Once consciousness enters into you, you will not sleep. So do not enter into any activity before meditation. Just take a shower and then meditate. You can prepare yourself inwardly by reading spiritual writings for a few minutes or by singing some soulful, spiritual songs. But you should not do housework or office work.