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How to meditate when you have small children

I am a housewife with small children. What advice do you have for me?

Even a housewife with small children can easily meditate, provided you are willing to do first things first. Early in the morning before your family wakes up and you have to enter into the hustle and bustle of life, you can offer a few minutes to God. If you know that at a particular hour your children will require food or attention from you, then you can easily get up ten minutes earlier.

Then, during the day while you are taking care of your children and working in your house, you have to feel the presence of the living God inside them and all around you. Unfortunately, most people do not do that. They look upon their children and their responsibilities as their possessions and their burdens instead of seeing them as God-given opportunities to love God and to serve God. If you can feel that you love your children precisely because God is inside them, then there will be a spontaneous flow of joy and divine love. At that time your children will also feel that their mother has something special to offer.

So please try to feel that between you and your dear ones there is a bridge, and that bridge is God. You are loving your dear ones precisely because God the eternal Beloved is inside them. You are showing compassion to someone because the eternally compassionate Mother is inside you. In that way you can remain in a soulful and spiritual consciousness even while dealing with your children.