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Evening meditation

If you cannot meditate in the morning, the evening is the next best time, because in the evening at least the atmosphere is becoming calm and peaceful. At noon nature is wild and restless, so your meditation may not be very deep or intense. But in the evening nature is preparing to rest and it does not disturb you.

When you meditate in the evening, you can look at the setting sun and try to feel that you have become totally one with cosmic nature. You can feel that you have played your part during the day most satisfactorily and, like the sun, you are going to retire.

In the evening you are tired, and you feel that the whole world is also tired. But there is a slight difference between the world's approach to the truth and your approach. When the world is tired, it will not aspire. It wants only to rest. But you feel that your tiredness can be overcome by bringing more light and energy into your system. When you pray and meditate, at that time new life and new energy enter into you and refresh you.