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Q&A: Bridge the gap between spiritual life and life in the office

How can I bridge the gap I feel between my spiritual life, which is full of joy, and my life in the office, which is totally unaspiring?

The spiritual life does not mean that you will always be sitting in meditation with your eyes closed. When you do something in the outer world, if you can feel that you are doing it for God, then everything you do will become a part of your spiritual life. Otherwise, when you are meditating in your room, you will feel that you are doing the right thing, and the rest of the time you will feel miserable. Dedicated work is also a form of meditation.

In the morning the Supreme wants you to enter into your highest and offer your love and devotion to Him and receive His peace, light and blessings. Then He wants you to go to your office and do your dedicated service. In both cases, if you can feel that you are doing something because you have been asked to do it from within, then you will have the greatest joy. You are not the doer; you are only a dedicated instrument serving a higher reality. If you can feel this, then you will get joy no matter what you do. Even if you are doing something mechanical, something intellectual or something which is absolutely uninspiring, you will get the greatest joy because you are serving a higher cause.

You have to know that you can feel God's presence in anything you do. If you can be conscious of God while you are doing something-whether it is cleaning or cooking or working-then you will feel that God has entered into what you are doing. If you can feel God's presence within your activity, then whatever you are doing is with God and for God. If you can keep your consciousness high and maintain peace of mind while working, then your work itself is a true form of meditation.

Each devoted moment prepares a beautiful sunrise and a fruitful sunset.

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