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Q&A: When people try to help humanity...

When people try to help humanity, isn't it partly — because of ego?

For an ordinary person who is not consciously aspiring, trying to help humanity is a positive and progressive ideal, even if it is partly inspired by ego. But those who are consciously aspiring to reach God IS have a different goal. Their goal is not to help, but to serve humanity-of course, in God's own way.

As spiritual aspirants, we have to know why we are doing something. Were we inspired by God? Were we commissioned by God? If our actions were not inspired by God, if we are not fulfilling God's Will, then the service that we are offering to the world will be full of darkness and imperfection. If we try to help mankind in our own way, we may think that we are serving God, but really we are just aggrandising our own ego. That kind of dedication is no dedication at all for a true spiritual aspirant.

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