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Q&A: If we meditate well in the morning...

/If we meditate well in the morning and acquire some peace, light and bliss that we can keep with us during the day, will this be noticeable to others?/

If you have achieved something in your meditation, your friends and colleagues are bound to see something pleasing, soothing, beautiful, enlightening and illumining in you. Peace, light and bliss have entered through your soul into your physical consciousness. The higher and deeper your meditation and the more you have received, the more your face and outer being will radiate and glow. After you have finished meditating, just go and look in a mirror and you will see the difference between what you are now and what you were an hour ago. This obvious physical difference is due to the fact that your physical consciousness is manifesting the light from your soul. Even as you walk along the street, you will be spreading this light. It is like a perfume that you have inside you. You are not actually using it; you are only keeping it, but it is offering its fragrance. At that time the world of aspiration and even the world of suffering, depression and despair will definitely see something in you. And it will try to follow you-sometimes with reluctance, sometimes with joy, sometimes with greed; but in some way or other it will try to follow you.

You do not have to tell others hundreds of times how meditation has changed your life. Only let them see you on one day when you have meditated well and on another day when you have not had a good meditation. The day that you have meditated well, they will see a tremendous change in you. Your very presence will inspire them.

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