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Meditation in action

Do not try to change the world. You will fail. Try to love the world. Lo, the world is changed, changed forever.

When we meditate in silence with utmost devotion, that is one form of meditation. When we try to dedicate our work to God or to the world, that is another form of meditation, which we may call manifestation. At that time we are serving the divinity in humanity.

In order to serve the divinity in humanity effectively, we have to consciously feel God's presence in those we are serving. While we are speaking to someone, we have to feel that we are speaking to the divinity within that person. Otherwise, if we are just helping someone in our own way without any conscious feeling of dedication to the Supreme, that work cannot be considered as a form of manifestation or as meditation in action. If we pray and meditate, we will feel that God is inside everybody, that He is a living reality. God is everywhere and in everything, true. But if we pray and meditate, then this mental belief becomes a real, living truth to us. At that time we will consciously serve each person precisely because we know and feel that God is inside him.

If we do not see God, truth, or light in our action, then our physical mind may not be convinced of the value of the things that we are doing. Today we will serve someone and tomorrow we will say, "Oh, he is such a fool! He has no aspiration, no good qualities! Why should I serve him?" If we look at an individual without prayer and meditation, we will separate the person from the soul. But if we pray and meditate, then we will see the soul, the divinity inside each person, and we will try to bring their divinity to the fore.

If we pray and meditate, then our work will be dedicated service, and this dedicated service will help us to make spiritual progress. There are many people who work fifteen, sixteen hours a day. But their action is not dedicated service. They are only working mechanically to make money and take care of their outer responsibilities. But if we really wish to dedicate our life to God and mankind, then prayer and meditation will enable us to do so.

Meditation in action - Questions and Answers

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  4. Should a person shut himself away all alone and reject humanity in order to meditate?
  5. What can I do if sometimes I am angry or upset and don't feel like meditating? Is it okay to do selfless service instead?
  6. If we give up our desires and live all the time in the inner world, how will there be any progress in the outer world?
  7. Do both activity and meditation form the essence of your teaching?
  8. 8. How can I bridge the gap I feel between my spiritual life, which is full of joy, and my life in the office, which is totally unaspiring?