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Q&A: Absorbtion of light

What qualities are most important for the absorption of light?

The absorption of light demands absolute sincerity and purity. Anybody who is one hundred percent sincere and pure in his spiritual life can immediately absorb light. The sincerity that I am speaking of is not ordinary human sincerity, but spiritual sincerity, which is infinitely more subtle. Spiritual sincerity asks whether you are ready to make all sacrifices in order to please God. If God asks you to give up everything for His sake, if He says, "Give up everything and walk with Me, run with Me," and you are ready to do it, that is called true spiritual sincerity. Spiritual sincerity is constant inner and outer sacrifice. If there is no sacrifice in the inner life or the outer life, then sincerity cannot take birth. Constant self-sacrifice to realise the Highest is called real sincerity.

But if there is no purity, immediately you will lose the light that you have received. Purity is actually the vessel inside you which holds spiritual light, peace, bliss and power. Very often you receive things and then you lose them because impurity enters into you. Impurity does not only have to do with lower vital movements. Doubt, fear, jealousy and insecurity are all forms of impurity. One of the undivine qualities that goes hand-in-hand with impurity is self-deception, so you have to be very careful. If you want to expedite your spiritual journey, then purity must come first. Otherwise, no matter how much light you have received or are going to receive, you will not be able to keep it.

Each conscious step of purity is a precious milestone-victory along my heart's aspiration-road.