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Q. How do we know what plane of consciousness we are in during meditation?

A seeker can be aware of the planes of consciousness only when he is on the verge of realisation. An ordinary aspirant will not be able to know, and also it is not necessary for him to know. (Read more)

Q. Do we consciously remember all of our inner experiences?

In the case of an ordinary seeker, when he has an inner experience, he may not consciously retain it, although the essence remains in his inner life. Even if it is a high experience, after four years or so he may totally forget it, because the ignorance in his life swallows it. He may say, "How can I have had such an experience? If I did have such an experience, how is it that afterwards I did so many wrong things? How is it that I did not meditate and pray? That means it was not such a significant experience." So his doubt devours the experience and eventually he forgets it. But in the case of a realised person, he knows that whatever he saw or felt was absolutely true.

/Q. Oftentimes I have the feeling or sensation that I see light, but my mind doubts it very forcefully. I was wondering if the light I see is real or imaginary./

If it is real light, if it is pure, divine light, then rest assured that your mind cannot doubt what you are seeing. The mind does not have the capacity to doubt divine light while you are seeing it. The effulgence of light is such that it will not allow any mental suspicion or doubt to enter. When the real divine light appears, at that time the mind is obliterated; it does not function at all. The entire being becomes all soul.