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Q&A: Maintain the peace that I feel at a group meditation

How can I maintain the peace that I feel at a group meditation when I get home?

If you meditate at home every day, then it will be very easy for you to maintain that peace. It is very important to meditate every day without fail. Early in the morning is the best time, before the day dawns, Every day begins with new inspiration, new hope. New life is entering into us every morning, so morning meditation is indispensable for anybody who would like to follow the spiritual path.

Also, if you can mix with spiritual people, they will be able to help you. You will not ignore or hate others; far from it. Spiritual people do not hate mankind, but they have to be cautious. You have to know that your power, your capacity, is very limited. As long as your capacity is very limited, you cannot mix freely with all and sundry. So try to mix with spiritual people and meditate regularly. When you have enough inner strength, then you won't lose anything no matter what you do. Whatever you get from group meditations and whatever you get from your own meditation you will be able to preserve.