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Q&A: Reach the point where I will always have the inspiration to

Will I ever reach the point where I will always have the inspiration and aspiration to meditate?

Right now your meditation is at the mercy of your inspiration or aspiration. When you are inspired, when you have aspiration, you are ready to meditate. Unfortunately this aspiration, this inner urge, lasts only for a day or for a few weeks and then it disappears. But when you become an expert, meditation will be at your command. How can you become an expert? If you want to become an expert singer or poet or dancer, you have to practise daily. It is the same with meditation. If you practise meditation daily, there comes a time when it becomes spontaneous; you develop an inner habit. After a while, at a certain hour you will feel compelled to meditate. You will feel that meditation is your soul's necessity, and the inner urge to meditate will never leave you. Early every morning when it is time for your meditation, your inner being will come and knock at your heart's door. Then you will have a good meditation every day.