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Q&A: Maintain a good standard consistently

How can we maintain a good standard consistently, instead of going up and down?

Please feel that every day is equally important. Your difficulty is that when you do something well you feel that you deserve some relaxation. Today you do a wonderful meditation, and then you feel, "Oh since today I had a wonderful meditation, tomorrow I can relax." You feel that your meditation will maintain the same speed, but it doesn't.

Every time you meditate, you have to feel that this may be your last chance. Feel that tomorrow you may die, so if you fail today, then zero will be your mark. When the teacher gives you the examination paper today, please don't feel that tomorrow again he will give you the same examination. The past is gone. The future does not exist. There is only the present. Here in the present, either you have to become divine, or else you will remain as undivine as you were yesterday. Since you want to become divine, you should do the right is thing here and now. This should be your attitude.

You should make yourself feel that today is the last day for you to achieve everything that you are supposed to achieve. If you fail today, then tomorrow again you have to feel that this is your last day. No matter how many times you fail, you should feel that each day is your last. If you feel that opportunity will come back and knock at your door tomorrow, then today you will not try. You will feel that you don't need to aspire today because you have so many tomorrows. But before those tomorrows come, the aspiration that you have today may be lost.

Do not give up. If you persist, tomorrow's peace will come and feed your mind today, and tomorrow's perfection will come and touch your life today.