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Meditation question and answer index

  1. I often find that the quality of my meditation goes up and down. I always hope that I will not fall down again, but it happens constantly.
  2. When you meditate and you cry for something, should you also make an effort to achieve it, or just let it take place naturally?
  3. Sometimes during my morning meditation, I fall into a doze - not a sound sleep, but just a doze. Is this a bad thing?
  4. Sometimes it seems like I spend my whole time trying to keep myself awake and I don't really meditate.
  5. How can I keep myself from falling asleep after about five minutes of meditation?
  6. If we feel tired when we sit down to meditate, how can we energise ourselves so that we don't fall asleep?
  7. When I try to meditate, there is something that holds me back.
  8. I don't think that I am pulling, but still I get a headache when I meditate in the morning.
  9. I feel a pressure in my forehead when I meditate. What causes this and how can I stop it?
  10. Sometimes, even though I concentrate on my heart, my head pulls down energy and I can't seem to stop it, and I just end up with a headache. Is there any way I can get back to the heart?
  11. When I was meditating I felt really tense. My head was hurting and I felt I was pulling. What should I do in a case like that?
  12. I find your meditations very hard for me. I come in feeling beautiful. Then I feel all this pain coming into my heart and into my head. Why does this happen?
  13. Very often when I am concentrating on my heart centre during meditation, I find that my breathing is very heavy and distracting.
  14. When I get upset with someone who does something to me, I can't meditate the way I want to. How can I overcome this?
  15. How can I tell if I am meditating too much?
  16. When I meditate I lose energy and get tired. Is it because I meditate too much?
  17. Is there anything I can do to always have a good meditation?