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Q&A: Fear in meditation

/How to conquer fear? With oneness within and oneness without. In oneness-light there can be no fear,/

When I try to meditate, there is something that holds me back.

The thing that holds you back is fear. If you want the wealth which is deep inside you, then you have to dive within bravely. Only if you have inner courage can you receive the inner wealth. Fear of the unknown and the unknowable prevents you from diving deep within. But what is unknowable today becomes merely unknown tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow it becomes known.

The vastness of truth will never harm you. It will only embrace and fulfil you. You feel afraid of something because you do not feel that that particular thing is part of you. But through meditation you establish your conscious oneness with the infinite Vast. At that time you see and feel that everything is part of you. So why should you be afraid?