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Q&A: Energising ourselves for meditation

If we feel tired when we sit down to meditate, how can we energise ourselves so that we don't fall asleep?

When you feel that you are tired, exhausted, please take several deep breaths quietly and try to feel that you are breathing in from various places in your body. Try to feel that you are breathing in through the eyes, the ears, the forehead, through the crown of the head, through the shoulders and so on. When you are breathing in, if you are conscious of your breath, then you will not feel sleepy. But being conscious of your breath does not mean that you will make a sound. You will just feel that a stream of energy is entering into you with every breath.

Feel that every place you are breathing in is a door. Each time you breathe in, you open a door here, there or somewhere else. Naturally, when you open the door, light also enters, and light is another form of energy.

When you are meditating very well, you may feel that you are spontaneously doing this-drawing energy not only through your nose, but through your head and other places. Energy is available everywhere, and that universal energy wants to enter into you by various doors. Naturally, the more energy you can draw inside you, the higher will be your meditation.