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Do not be discouraged

Please do not be disturbed if you cannot meditate well in the beginning. Even in the ordinary life, God alone knows how many years one must practise in order to become very good at something. If an accomplished pianist thinks of what his standard was when he first began to play, he will laugh. It is through gradual progress that he has achieved his present musical height. In the spiritual life also, you may find it difficult to meditate in the beginning. But do not try to force yourself. Ten minutes early in the morning is enough. Gradually your capacity will increase. If you practise every day, you will make progress in your inner life.

Still, every day you cannot eat the most delicious meal. Today you may eat delicious food, and then for three or four days you may eat very simple food. But as long as you are eating, you know that you are sustaining your body. Similarly, if you have a good meditation one day, and the following day you find that you are not able to meditate well, do not become frustrated, and do not try to force yourself to meditate. When your meditation time is over, do not feel miserable even for a moment because you could not meditate. If you are displeased with yourself, then you are making a great mistake. If you cannot meditate on a particular day, try to leave the responsibility with God. If one day you cannot meditate well, feel that some other day the Supreme will again give you the blessing, inspiration and aspiration to meditate extremely well. But if you are disturbed or irritated, some of the progress that you made yesterday or the day before will be diminished or nullified. The best thing is to be calm, quiet and steady in your spiritual life. Then definitely you will continue to make progress in your meditation and in your inner life.