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Concentration, Meditation, Contemplation

The content of these pages is drawn from the hundreds of extemporaneous talks and answers to questions that Sri Chinmoy has given over the past twenty-five years. Interspersed are some of his inspirational poems and aphorisms.

In selecting and organizing this material, we have tried to reflect basic concerns of all those who have embarked on the meditation journey to help you develop your own meditation practice, especially if you are a beginner.

It is best to keep in mind that the same question may be answered in many different ways, depending upon who has asked the question and the particular circumstances involved. Although we have tried to choose the most general answers, every answer may not apply in your specific case. If you are in doubt, the best authority is your own heart. These pages are intended to guide and inspire you and not to lay down rules. It is our hope that they will serve as a valuable friend to you in your spiritual search.

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The power of concentration

The soul's indomitable will

Concentrating from the heart


How to begin meditation

Mastering the essentials

Meditation exercises

Prayer and meditation


Am i meditating well

Keeping your joy

The hour of meditation

Do not give up

The practical problem solver

Meditation in action

Fruits on the path of meditation

Meditation glimpsing the infinite

The silent mind

The spiritual heart

Sound and silence


Meditation vs. Contemplation

Contemplation Exercise

Q&A: Contemplation


Questions and Answers on Samadhi

The Role of the Guru

The Role of the Guru: Questions