In the spring of 1970, at the invitation of then Secretary-General U Thant, Sri Chinmoy began conducting twice-weekly meditations at the United Nations. These non-denominational meditations are open to all staff, delegates and members of Non-governmental organizations.

“The outer message of the United Nations is peace.
The inner message of the United Nations is love.
The inmost message of the United Nations is oneness.”

- Sri Chinmoy 1

For over four decades Sri Chinmoy: The Peace Meditation at the United Nations has also sponsored an ongoing series of lectures, concerts, art exhibits and other programmes in support of the UN goals and vision, and these meditations and activities continue to this day.

"I happen to be a seeker at the United Nations. My sole aim there is to serve the body and soul of the United Nations in silence with my prayer and meditation."

- Sri Chinmoy 2

Interfaith service at the United Nations


25 April 1997, a Solemn Interfaith Service of Commitment to the Work of the United Nations held at St. Bartholomew’s Church in New York City, with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan as guest of honour, Sri Chinmoy offers a meditation.

Sri Chinmoy frequently participated in interfaith activities at the United Nations. These included observations of World Day of Prayer, Interfaith Prayer breakfasts, Seven Minutes of Silence, World Gratitude Days and International Thanksgiving Days.


From one of the first international interfaith programmes "One is the Human Spirit" - to mark the 30th anniversary of the United Nations, Friday 24th October, 1975. After opening remarks by Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim, Sri Chinmoy offers the opening meditation, as Mother Teresa and other participants look on.

Talks on the United Nations

Sri Chinmoy gave many talks and lectures about the ideals of the United Nations. During his weekly meetings, he also answered many questions and answers which were later published in books and pamphlets.

"There are a number of things that the United Nations can teach us how to share, but I would like to mention four principal things: the message of trust, the message of concern, the message of unity in diversity and, finally, the message of universal peace. Each nation is unique in its own way."

- Sri Chinmoy 3

"The United Nations is a symbol of man’s inner cry, inner oneness. Outwardly, the members of the U.N. do commit mistakes. Again, if we make mistakes that does not mean that we shall never arrive at the truth. No, mistakes are merely rungs in the ladder of our inner progress. If we have an inner urge to do the right thing, to grow into the right thing, to fulfil the divine within us, then there comes a time when we do become perfect instruments of God. So we cannot judge the U.N. on its present appearance. We cannot judge the U.N. by what it has already offered us. Only we can judge the U.N. on its soulful promise, its promise that it will one day flood the world with boundless peace."

- Sri Chinmoy 4

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