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Meetings John Paul II

Sri Chinmoy met Pope John Paul II five times between 1980 and 1998. These meetings were recorded in the book Pope John Paul II - God's heart-prize winner. 1

First Meeting

18 June, 1980. St Peter's Square, The Vatican

At the first meeting, in 1980 Sri Chinmoy presented a pamphlet of his work at the United Nations. The Pope said to Sri Chinmoy. "Special blessings to you. Special greetings to your members. We shall continue together."

Second Meeting

14th October, 1987, St Peter's Square, The Vatican

Sri Chinmoy attended the Pope's general audience in St Peter's Square.

After the audience, Sri Chinmoy presented the Pope with a portfolio containing a song he had composed about the Pope, entitled 'Salvation-King'. Sri Chinmoy had also set some of the Pope's most powerful utterances to music.

After looking at the songs, the Pope spoke to Sri Chinmoy, saying 'God bless you and your divine activities.'

That evening, Sri Chinmoy was also honoured to be given permission to peform on the pipe organ at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Third Meeting

30 November, 1990. Aula Paul VI, The Vatican

The third audience with the Pope took place inside the Vatican. The Pope greeted Sri Chinmoy with the words. "I am most grateful for your visit."

Sri Chinmoy offered the Pope another song he had composed, entitled 'Salvation Delight’. The Pope said to Sri Chinmoy: "God bless you and all your contemplative activities."

Fourth Meeting

31 May 1995 St Peter's Square, The Vatican

The fourth audience with Pope John Paul II took place just before the Pope's weekly Mass for 15,000 people. Sri Chinmoy offered the Pope the Peace Torch with the words.

"Holy Father, we are offering our hearts' prayerful gratitude to you for so compassionately blessing this Peace Torch, which will be carried in seventy countries."

Offering the Holy Father the Peace Torch.

Speaking in Italian, the Pope exclaimed the symbolism of the Torch to the crowds in Saint Peter's Square. In conclusion, the Pope said,

"I salute the runners of the Peace Run, who are carrying a Torch as a testimony to peace through the streets of the world."

Fifth Meeting

17 May 1998, Sala Clementina, The Vatican

The fifth audience with Pope John Paul II took place on the eve of the Pope's 78th birthday. On this occassion, Sri Chinmoy presented the Pope with the U Thant Peace Award on behalf of the Peace Meditations at the United Nations.


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