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Pope Paul VI

Sri Chinmoy met with Pope Paul VI three times, and wrote a book about him titled Compassion-Father, Champion-Brother, Perfection-Friend.

Pope Paul VI was an unparalleled spiritual sovereign of the twentieth century. With his mind’s illumination, he showed mankind the beauty of a new Dawn. With his heart’s oneness, he told man his duty in a new Day. 1

Each time I met with him, I had significant inner experiences. When I looked at his eyes, I saw an illumination-sky, and when I entered into his heart, I felt a compassion-ocean. It is very rare to find an illumined mind and a compassionate heart together, but in one frame Pope Paul VI definitely embodied both compassion and illumination in boundless measure. 2

Sri Chinmoy

First Meeting

22 March 1972 The Vatican

The first meeting between Sri Chinmoy and Pope Paul VI took place in the Vatican. Sri Chinmoy presented the Pope with three books he had written: Songs of the Soul, My Lord's Secrets Revealed and My Rose Petals. The Pope accepted them with great joy and said very sincerely, "I shall read these books." Then he added, "I shall certainly read each one."

During the meeting, Sri Chinmoy said to Pope Paul VI, "I am deeply impressed with your philosophy. You say that materialism and spirituality must go side by side. My humble philosophy also says the same. The inner life of aspiration and the outer life of manifestation must go together, one fulfilling the other in a divine way." At this point the Pope said in English to Sri Chinmoy, "I admire your philosophy."

Then he said in Italian, and another interpreter translated it into English, "The Hindu life and the Christian life shall go together. Your message and my message are the same."

Towards the end of the meeting, the Pope said to Sri Chinmoy, "When we both leave this world, you and I, we will meet together." He also presented Sri Chinmoy with a Papal Medal. 3

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Second Meeting

27 June 1973 The Vatican

The second meeting also took place in the Vatican a year later. Again, Sri Chinmoy again presented Pope Paul VI with some of his books. Pope Paul VI replied:

"Last year I promised you that I would read your books. I read them. I deeply enjoyed them. I want to tell you that I am truly proud of your service to the United Nations. You are an Indian. I am also proud of your country.”

Pope Paul VI

The Pope presented Sri Chinmoy with a medallion and said, "I give you this as a token of my love for you." Sri Chinmoy remarked that: "During the conversation we faced each other with folded hands. I saw in him a soul's smile which was at once psychic, pensive and tinged with a subtle sadness." 4

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Third Meeting

9 June 1976

At the third meeting, Sri Chinmoy presented Pope Paul VI with a book titled Compassion-Father, Champion-Brother, Perfection-Friend that Sri Chinmoy had written in his honour.

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The third time we met, His Holiness granted me another private audience. This time I presented him with a book I had written about him, and he was very happy and pleased with it. When he looked through the book and saw the picture of U Thant and myself, he asked if I bring down new inspiration and aspiration from above when I conduct meditations at the United Nations. I answered, “Holy Father, I do try to bring down all the divine qualities with my prayers and meditations.” Again, he was full of kindness and compassion. 5

Sri Chinmoy

The song ‘Compassion-Height’, composed by Sri Chinmoy about Pope Paul VI.

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