50 Quotes about Sri Chinmoy

50 Quotes about Sri Chinmoy on the occasion of Sri Chinmoy's 50th anniversary in the West.


“This meeting of ours has been most essential. Your message and mine are the same. When we both leave this world, you and I, we will meet together.”

- Pope Paul VI, March 22nd, 1972 [7]

"I am very grateful for your visit. God bless you and all your contemplative activities."

- Pope John Paul II, November 30th, 1988 [7]

"My friend, your enormous and significant activities are helping people to live better lives in peace, friendship and love... Whatever you dedicate yourself to—art, music, poetry, drawing—all this is connected with peace, peace amongst people and peace amongst nations."

- President Mikhail Gorbachev [1]

“Your loving heart and profound wisdom are a matter of my boundless admiration.”

- President Mikhail Gorbachev, November 3rd, 1992 [7]

“I cannot express in words my joy! What you are doing is in the interest of the entire humanity and the world.”

- President Nelson Mandela, January 29th, 1996 [7]

"It is a very rare gift indeed for humankind to be blessed with such a selfless individual who has dedicated his entire life to the service of world peace … Your work has inspired spiritual growth, resilience and well-being, especially in view of the present and unprecedented onslaughts against humankind … Yours is a voice of reason that we must all heed."

- President Nelson Mandela [1] 

“I know that you too strive to ease unnecessary suffering and indeed, have helped many, many people…I thank you for your generosity of spirit and send to you my heartfelt best wishes.”

- Princess Diana, July 21st, 1997 [7]

"I am so pleased with all the good work you are doing for world peace and for people in so many countries. May we continue to work together and to share together all for the glory of God and for the good of man."

- Mother Teresa, October 1st, 1994 [7]

“You are part of the spiritual force of love that emanates from God and which will transform the evil of this world into its counterpart. Thank you for persisting and going on, going on. Perhaps the world continues in existence only because of people like yourselves who help to hold it in being.”

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu, March 16th, 2004 [6]


United Nations Community

“I have been hearing about you from many, many people. Whoever speaks to me about you is all appreciation and admiration, and I personally feel that you have been doing a most significant task for the United Nations. It has been a great privilege for me to see you. Please feel my sincere respect and sincere concern for what you are doing for mankind.”

- U Thant, 29th February, 1972 [1]

“I have known you now for so many years — it is decades since we have known each other — and I know how much you have contributed to our efforts in the United Nations to work for peace, to work for understanding, to bridge the gap between rich and poor people in the world, to try to improve the lives of so many people.”

- Kurt Waldheim, Fourth UN Secretary-General, 30th September 2004, Vienna [1], [4]

“What is happening to me now is that I am receiving the inspiration of Sri Chinmoy, who is actually, I would say, the heart of the United Nations—because in all the years I was Secretary-General, and even before I was Secretary-General, he was always with us. Even if he was not present, his message was with us, and we were, as I said before, being inspired by him.”

- Dr. Pérez de Cuéllar, Fifth UN Secretary-General, 26 May 2005, Paris [4]

“Let me also take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your 30 years of dedication to the United Nations. Through your prayers, meditations, concerts and global ‘Peace Run’, your work has linked peace-lovers in more than 100 countries and complemented that of the world Organisation....”

- Kofi Annan, Seventh UN Secretary-General, 22 September 2000 [4]

"Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual man, a man the United Nations needs most, for the problems before us are very moral issues. We therefore express our profound gratitude to Sri Chinmoy for the great and noble services he has been rendering to the world at large."

- Zenon Rossides, Ambassador and Special Adviser, Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations, April 21st 1989 [2]

"Sri Chinmoy reminds us of the powerful strength of the heart's simplicity, and of our capacity to achieve great things for a higher purpose. The work of the United Nations is enhanced by his commitment to its highest success and by his presence amid its deliberations."

- James P. Grant, Executive Director, UNICEF [2]

"I will never forget and the people of Angola will forever appreciate the enormous humanitarian assistance which you and your organisation provided Angola during the country's hour of need."

- Professor Ibrahim A.Gambari, UN Under-Secretary-General and Special Adviser on Africa [1]


Interfaith service

"You are a true representative of the spirituality of our home, India. Ever since I met you for the first time, the link between us has always grown in strength. I want to say how much I value the meaning of that bond, because it is one of true dedication to the service of God."

- Pir Vilayat Khan, Head of the Sufi Order in the West [2]

"The world badly needs more peaceful and loving men like Sri Chinmoy. I am a Muslim and he is serving all people of peace. Sri Chinmoy is doing so much for the world, for people of all faiths, because of his own peace and faith."

- Muhammad Ali, Three-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion [2]

"Sri Chinmoy, your own life's work of most devoted service to interfaith understanding and world-oneness is unparalleled."

- Rev. James Park Morton, Chairman & Organiser of the Annual Interfaith Service, President of the Interfaith Center of New York

"Sri Chinmoy will be a great hope of Buddhism to bring the message of the Lord Buddha to the people of the world."

- Venerable Pratamkunaporn Abbot of Wat Pho, Royal Temple of Thailand, December 19th 1988 [2]

"The spirit of dedication with which Sri Chinmoy has been devoting his energies in lifting the hearts of men and women into spiritual realms of prayer and meditation for world peace is highly praiseworthy."

- Professor Harmindar Singh, Vice Chairman, World Conference on Religions and Peace [2]

"Within the short period of your fruitful stay in this country, today your name has become known in every nook and corner of the land as the Peace Apostle of the Twentieth Century."

- M.Hussain Mohamed, Mayor of Colombo, Sri Lanka 1990.[3]



Student of peace

"You are a true man of wisdom, a true man of peace. It is a privilege to have you here in Sri Lanka. I clearly see that your whole life is for the cause of humanity."

- Ranasinghe Premadasa, President of Sri Lanka, October 9th, 1990 [2]

"I am proud of the contributions you have made in revealing the inner joy and peace of a true and lasting world."

- Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States. Written message, December 3rd 1987 [2]

"Your work and your international Peace Concerts are well known to New Zealanders. I am sure your visit to Auckland will be warmly received by all those who share your desire for world peace."

- David Lange, Prime Minister of New Zealand, November 27th 1987 [2]

"Sri Chinmoy... I am extremely grateful to you.. your blessings for our country have really affected my life and also the life of our country in a very positive way and truly unexpected way."

- Prof. Dr. Haryono Suyono, State coordinating Minister for People's Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Indonesia (After Sri Chinmoy had met Indonesian President B.J. Habibe in Jakarta, January 25th 1999)

"I take relief from the fact that there are men and women like Sri Chinmoy and his peace group who have dedicated their lives to promoting peace. I have carefully studied the qualifications of this man, who is an international peace philosopher, an author, a poet, an artist, an athlete, a spiritual leader, because it is rare to find a man of this age who is a combination of all these noble qualities."

- King Goodwill Zwelithini Kabhekuzulu, January 23rd 1996 [8]

"Sri Chinmoy symbolises the spiritual, intellectual, philosophic and cultural glory of India. He is a saint of the Twentieth Century, spreading the message of love and peace all over the world."

- Dr. P. Jayaraman, Executive Director Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, US. 21 April 1989 [2]

"We hope and pray that through the innumerable actions that Sri Chinmoy is undertaking for peace, the Millennium of Peace will take birth....With immense and deep love and gratitude, we offer the little pilgrim into the hands of this great man who has done so much, is doing so much and will do so much, this man who today is here with part of his large family: Sri Chinmoy."

Mr. Gianfranco Costa, President of the International Centre for Peace Among People (Assisi, Italy) when awarding Sri Chinmoy the international Pilgrim of Peace Award [9] 23 February 1998

"The Nobel Prize is not the highest treasure. Peace, such as Sri Chinmoy is working for, is one of the most important gifts in life."

- Dr Gerd Binnig, Nobel Laureate in Physics, 1988 [2]

"It is an honour for Canada to join as a Peace Nation in the international Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossom programme... In the words of the late Governor-General Sauve, 'May the Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms Project remain a lasting tribute to the World Peace we deeply hope and pray for."

- Canadian Parliament. Jointly signed by the House Leaders of all five parties, November 4th, 1998 [1]

"You have been seeking world peace and the welfare of humanity through your meditations and other activities for peace. You have also obtained incredible achievements in the fields of culture, art, sports, literature and other fields. I cannot cease to praise you as the "Twentieth Century's First Global Man."

- Toshiki Kaifu, Prime Minister of Japan, 2 December 1989 [2]

"You have brought joy and spiritual enlightenment to countless Americans, and indeed, to the people of many nations. You have been our ambassador of peace and inner goodness for a quarter of a century. You are truly a citizen of the world."

- Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. Senator, April 21st 1989. [2]

"I commend Sri Chinmoy for his faith and serenity, and I hope he will continue to exert his calming and constructive influence on the international community for many years to come."

- Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada. Written message, 1986 [2]



"Sri Chinmoy is truly unique and special. He has rediscovered the lost art of special strength feats and weightlifting. He has got the biggest, heaviest calf machine in the world. It is a miracle that this man can even support this kind of weight. He is really an inspiration to me."

- Bill Pearl, Five-times Mr. Universe, World's Best Built Man of the Century [2]

"To me, Sri Chinmoy is a source of higher power and an uplifting example of right attitude. He understands the human impulse to transcend one's present limited state of being, and his life exemplifies this."

- Frank Zane, Three-time Mr. Olympia, Three-time Mr. Universe. 13 April 1989 [2]

"I believe very much in what you are doing. I am an admirer of yours. I will preach my belief in your philosophy."

- Jesse Owens, Four-time Olympic Gold Medallist. November 4th, 1972 [2]

"Sri Chinmoy brings Heaven to me. He inspires everyone to be happy. He deserves the biggest gold medal."

- Emil Zatopek, Three-time Olympic gold medallist. April 13th, 1989 [2]



"What power is in this man's music! It's incredible. My musical spirit is very, very deeply impressed... You are a miraculous model of the abundance in the creative life."

- Leonard Bernstein, October 3rd, 1977 [5] (Page)

"I am most grateful to you for granting me the most wonderful moment of my life.. Bless you, bless you, bless you! Thank you, thank you!"

- Pablo Casals, October 5th 1972 [5] (Page)

"May I join the many who have given their respect, their trust and their admiration so wholeheartedly to a good man, Sri Chinmoy, on this occasion of his 61st birthday."

- Yehudi Menuhin, 19th August, 1992 [5] (Page)

"What Sri Chinmoy does is God-given! He has a tremendous, a fantastic creative urge."

- Pandit Ravi Shankar [1]

“There are but a few real and true human beings to whom I will never ever be able to repay my debt of gratitude. The principal reason for this is that they have transcended the merely human and attained the All. Sri Chinmoy is one of these human beings. My gratitude to him will remain forever endless.”

- Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, October 2007 [4]

"Sri Chinmoy has brought forth gifts of beauty and redemption in numerous genres and fields of artistic endeavour. Like Gandhi, like Mother Teresa, like Martin Luther King, Jr., Sri Chinmoy's presence and work among us has enriched all of our lives."

- Professor Charles Johnson, winner, National Book Award [1]


Selected quotes after Sri Chinmoy's mahasamadhi, October 11th 2007

"Throughout his many years, he enriched the lives of countless others and served as a model of generosity and discipline to those he met, fostering an atmosphere of compassion, harmony, and unity. Sri Chinmoy was a leader, humanitarian, artist, athlete, and public servant who will be sorely missed. His legacy of kindness, reflection, and resolve will endure for many years to come."

- Bill Clinton, 2007 [4]

“Sri Chinmoy was a once in a lifetime spiritual leader who touched the lives of millions of people through his teachings, art, athletics, and music. He was a student of peace and he embodied peace. Sri Chinmoy was a great man and his life's work significantly helped to build world harmony and will continue to do so.”

- Hon. Al Gore, 2007 [4]

“Sri Chinmoy reached out to so many in the UN. In the UN we felt the force of his love for us. However difficult the moment, he never lost faith in the UN and those who worked in it. He brought courage and support to so many individuals in our organisation but also his voice and prayer to those who led it. A man of the spiritual life, he understood the need for the UN in the material world if the two were ever to find justice and harmony.”

- The Rt. Hon. Lord Malloch Brown [4]

"It is with sadness that I read of the death of our dear friend, Sri Chinmoy. I had the joy of meeting with Sri Chinmoy and was moved by the love and kindness shown, not only to myself, but to everyone with whom he came in contact. He was a truly compassionate, loving and serving human being.

- Mairead Maguire, Northern Ireland, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1977 [4]

"Sri Chinmoy was convinced that true outer peace had to start with the inner peace of the individual. He has expressed this philosophy of peace in countless books, songs and paintings. His creative works, together with his multifarious peace-initiatives like the humanitarian relief operations, the Peace Concerts and the World Harmony Run represent an immense source of inspiration, wisdom, strength and practical guidance to people of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds. I regard Sri Chinmoy’s work as one of the real treasures of the 20th and 21st century; probably the most powerful pillar of a culture of peace that currently exists. "

- H.E. Ambassador Vladimir Petrovsky, 27 October 2007 [4]

"Guru-ji Sri Chinmoy was far greater than an enlightened individual. He has been and remains an extraordinary phenomenon that has touched the daily lives of his devotees in many unusual ways. He has inspired us to change the way we look at ourselves and at the world. With his mild manner and incredible physical and mental strength, he literally uplifted us and brought steadfastness and stability to our daily lives. At the United Nations, we were specially blessed because of his weekly visits, when we received his regular benedictions. "

- His Excellency Mr. Vijay Nambiar, Under-Secretary-General and UN Chef de Cabinet [4]

"His life is one of perfect manifestation of ingenuity, be it in the field of music, poetry, literature, painting or sports, or in the domain of meditation, which he practised and taught as a source-force for all accomplishments. I recall with profound reverence his 37 years of service to the United Nations and its extended global family, which earned him the respect and recognition of many all across the world."

- Her Excellency Ambassador Ismat Jahan, the Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh [4]


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