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Divine Forgiveness

O my life's Love Supreme,
Sleeplessly I invoke You
To forgive me today.
O great One, O world's reality-salvation,
May I be fully awakened
In purity's auspicious dawn.

How can I receive God's Forgiveness?

You can receive God's Forgiveness only by reminding yourself constantly, consciously, sleeplessly and breathlessly that God is Forgiveness itself. You should not think of God as Justice or infinite Light or Peace. You should not think of any other aspect of God. You should only think of God's Forgiveness or of God the Forgiveness. You have to inundate your mind and your heart with one thought: forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Instead of thinking of God's Justice-Light, you should just repeat: “My Lord is all Forgiveness, my Lord is all Forgiveness.” While repeating, “My Lord is all Forgiveness,” you must not think of all the countless undivine things that you have done. Only try to see the positive side. Think only of God's Forgiveness before you, around you and within you. If hundreds and thousands of times you can repeat most soulfully, “My Lord is all Forgiveness,” then all your
Himalayan blunders will be washed away. All the mistakes that you have made over the years, all the ignorant things that you have done, will be annihilated.

At that time, you will not only feel that you are forgiven, but you will feel that you yourself are God's Forgiveness. If someone asks you your name, you will say, “My name is my Lord's Forgiveness.” If someone asks you who you are, you will say, “I am my Lord's Forgiveness.” This will be your only credential. In the ordinary life people have many credentials. They have this university degree, that degree and so on. But a spiritual seeker will have only one credential. He will say “I am my Lord's Forgiveness,” or “I am my Lord's Compassion,” or “I am my Lord's Love.” If somebody asks you what your credentials are, immediately you will say, “My Lord's Compassion is my only credential,” or “My Lord's Forgiveness is my only credential.” This is not just false humility, for in the inmost recesses of your heart you will feel that your only credential is God's Compassion or God's Forgiveness. This is what all seekers must feel.

In my outer life,
My Lord,
I see Your Compassion-Flood.
In my inner life,
My Lord,
I see Your Forgiveness-Ocean.

Should we pray to God for forgiveness?

When you make any mistake, consciously or unconsciously, immediately you should cry for forgiveness. If you do not ask the Supreme for forgiveness, then your own negative qualities will be intensified. With your aspiration, your prayer, your meditation, your dedication and your oneness with God's Will you have to ask God to forgive you for all your mistakes, conscious and unconscious. You have to ask Him to illumine your unconscious mistakes so that you will become aware of them and not make them again.

If your mistakes are not forgiven, you will never have purity in your heart, body, vital and mind and you will not be able to receive anything from God in these parts of your being. The soul is always receiving from God, because the soul is always pure. But the heart is not always pure and the body, vital and mind are all a dark jungle. If mistakes are not forgiven, then purification cannot take place in the body, vital, mind and heart. And if purity is not there, then the divine forces that you are praying for will never be able to enter permanently into your life. Only if God forgives your mistakes and you get purity in your entire consciousness will you be able to increase your receptivity and receive God's divine qualities in abundant measure.

The best thing is every day, before you go to sleep, to pray to the Supreme to forgive you for the things that you have done wrong. This is not the Christian philosophy that says we are all sinners. No, I am only speaking of the conscious or unconscious mistakes that you make in your daily life. You have to ask the Supreme to forgive you for these mistakes and to illumine your mistakes. Real forgiveness, illumination and purification always go together.

Sleeplessly I shall cry today
To see my Lord's

The Supreme illumines the past by forgiveness. Real forgiveness means forgetfulness, conscious forgetfulness. If somebody really forgives you for something that you did, then he will not keep the memory even in his inner vision. Illumination is necessary because of darkness. Mistakes are darkness. So the Supreme illumines our mistakes through forgiveness.

O Forgiver of all my shortcomings,
Forgive me.
A new hope is being born in my heart.
I shall cry from today on
To grow into Perfection's beauty-delight.

If a person feels that God is all-forgiving, won't that make it easier for the person to do the wrong thing?

You feel that if one goes to the Father after doing something wrong and sees that he is forgiven, then he will be tempted to keep doing wrong things, with the feeling that he will always be forgiven. Even the human father, not to speak of the divine Father, the Almighty Father, will tell the child, “Look, you have done something wrong; you have struck another child. Just because I love you, I have forgiven you, but you cannot go on doing wrong things.” If the child for a second times strikes another child and then comes back to the father, the father will protect the child. Afterwards, secretly and silently the father will say, “This is the second time that I am telling you the difference between good and bad.” Each time the father will forgive, but at the same time, he will try to convince the child that he is doing something wrong.

In the case of the divine Father, it is different. When the aspirant makes a mistake and runs toward the divine Father, the divine Father will forgive and protect the aspirant, without doubt. Then immediately the Father will try to enter into the heart of the aspirant with Light. The human father will scold secretly, but the divine Father will not scold; He knows that scolding is of no use. He tries to see what is wrong in the aspirant. He sees that darkness is there, ignorance is there, and says, “If I enter into the aspirant with Light, the Light will chase away the darkness. Then the Light will illumine the ignorance and transform it into knowledge and wisdom. This wisdom will make the aspirant feel that he should remain peaceful, calm, quiet, and not run into conflict with anybody.” The divine Father accomplishes this by pouring Light into the aspirant.

The human father will protect openly and then scold secretly, but the divine Father will use pure Light to illumine our darkness and chase away the wrong forces in us. In both cases, the temptation will be conquered. The human father will conquer it through strict discipline, and the divine Father will conquer it through Light.

If I do something wrong and ask the Supreme to forgive me, how do I know whether He has forgiven me?

There are two ways you can know. If you never do that kind of thing again, rest assured that the Supreme has forgiven you, for He has given you the capacity not to do it again. On the practical level, if you have done something wrong and you do not want to do it again, that means that a higher Power has come from the Supreme to protect you and give you the capacity not to do the thing again. It is because the Supreme has forgiven you that you are not making that mistake anymore.

Another way is to ask your spiritual Master if the Supreme has forgiven you. The Master will be able to tell you. He will be very frank. Or you can go deep within for half an hour or an hour, and then you will be able to tell. Each time a thought comes, do not allow it to enter into your mind. Feel that a fly has come to sit on you, and chase it away. When another thought comes, chase it away too. After a while, the thought-fly will feel that it is beneath its dignity to bother you, and then the thought-process will stop. When you see that no thought is coming, just ask the question. If the answer is “yes,” then it means that God has forgiven you.

There are two ways
To win forgiveness.
One way is to tell God,
“My Lord,
I shall not do it again!”
The other way is to ask God,
“My Lord,
Please show me the way
To live consciously in You
And for You.”

How can we forgive injustice?

When we came into the world, we made a sincere, soulful and solemn promise to God that we would realise God, manifest God and fulfil God here on earth. At that time we were in the soul's world; our real existence was the soul. We said, “I am descending into the world only to please You, to fulfil You, to manifest You unconditionally.” The people who you feel are very unjust have done something undivine, true. But look at your own promise. You expect perfection from other people; you feel that they have to do everything in a perfect way.

Perfection comes only when we fulfil our promise. Our first and foremost promise to God was to please Him and fulfil Him on earth. We have not fulfilled our promise; yet we expect others to fulfil their promise. We have done millions of things wrong and naturally, God is forgiving us. Otherwise, we would not be able to exist on earth. If He is ready to forgive us in spite of our countless defects and mistakes, how is it that we cannot forgive someone else?

My life is forgiven by God.
Therefore, my heart feels obliged
To forgive the world around me.

As spiritual seekers, we claim to be the chosen children of God. An unaspiring person who is wallowing in the pleasures of ignorance would never dare to claim God as his very own. But we dare to claim God as our very own, just because we have received an iota of God's good qualities. One of God's divine qualities is His Forgiveness. If God forgives us twenty-four hours a day, can we not forgive someone else for one second? If our Source has the capacity to do something in infinite measure, naturally we also should have the capacity to forgive or illumine others who have done something wrong, according to our own standard.

Will you ever realise
That all your mistakes in life
Will be unmistakably followed
By God's Forgiveness?