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The life of a seeker is the life of inner faith. Faith is something that constantly brings us the message of the Beyond. Faith is the foundation of our real life. We must have faith in God; we must have faith in ourselves. If we have faith only in God and not in ourselves, or if we have faith in ourselves and not in God, then we cannot go very far.

What is our faith? Our faith is our inner cry for God's Light and Bliss in infinite measure. Our faith is God's transcendental Smile, which transforms our life and carries us from the sea of ignorance to the sea of wisdom. Our inner faith in God constantly helps us to run the fastest and constantly makes God run toward us in the fastest possible way. Because God's speed is far greater than our speed, when we take one step toward God we see that God has taken ninety-nine steps toward us. Then we meet together.

Our faith in God is very often conditional; but God's faith in us is always unconditional. We start our spiritual journey with fifty percent faith, saying, “God, I shall give You this; then You can give me that. I shall give You my aspiration; then You will give me Your Blessings.”

Faith is the eye that sees the future in the immediacy of the present. If we have faith in the spiritual life, we do not stumble, we do not walk, we do not march. No! We simply run the fastest. If we have implicit faith in God, if we have implicit faith in the Inner Pilot and in our own aspiration, then we constantly run the fastest towards our destined goal.

Our faith in God
Prescribes solutions
To each and every problem
That our mind creates.

We have to have faith that we can realise God, either in this incarnation or in some future incarnation. We have to have faith that we can be the possessor of infinite Light, Peace and Bliss. We have to have faith in our aspiration, in our concentration, in our meditation and contemplation. Then only will the goal of God-realisation and the divinisation of human nature and earth- consciousness become ours.

/I feel that I am a child of God and I also feel, unfortunately, that I am a child of belief, tradition and all sorts of things. Is it possible to be free from all past beliefs and be absolutely one with God?/

Through sincere aspiration you can get rid of the mental beliefs or worldly beliefs that you have kept in your heart and mind. You can replace them with your soul's spontaneous light, which expresses itself as inevitability or immediate assurance. This feeling of inevitability and assurance, which is based on the soul's light, can be established in your mind and heart. Then the so-called worldly beliefs you can discard as you discard old clothes.
It is not only possible but inevitable; in fact it is necessary for God-realisation. Otherwise, these old beliefs in the form of society's dictates or in the form of traditional morality will hamper your spiritual progress.

In human belief there is always a mixture of doubt. Fifty percent will be belief, fifty percent will be doubt; or one percent may be belief and as much as ninety-nine percent may be doubt. But when you live in the soul and are illumined by the soul's light, you will get assurance not only from the soul but also from the soul's inevitability, which is absolutely one with God's dynamic Reality and God's dynamic Vision. At that time you can go beyond all beliefs and be in direct, constant oneness with God, the highest Reality.

When you live in the soul constantly and express its highest Truth, old beliefs will have no place in your life.

Your mind may be chained
To doubt,
But your heart is always hoisting
Faith's victory-banner.

What do you think of a person who is an atheist?

We say that someone is an atheist because he says that there is no God. When he goes to that extreme, he will see that his negative feeling itself is a form of positive feeling. At the extreme he says that there is nothing. But what he calls nothing is, for us, something; and that very thing we call God.

Sometimes the sky is overcast with clouds and there are no stars or moon visible. We know that when these clouds are dispersed, we will immediately be able to see the moon and the stars. But an atheist cannot see beyond the clouds, and he stays with the clouds.

Does faith help us to raise our consciousness?

Every day we are assailed by doubt, and every day we are inspired and energised by faith. When we are assailed by doubt, what we notice is our conscious fall. We cannot expand; we doubt our own capacity, even our very existence. When doubt enters into our mind early in the morning, it is impossible for us to come out of our tiny mental room. But when we are inspired and energised by faith, we feel that the whole world belongs to us.

Each human being has both doubt and faith. The moment he uses his doubt-instrument, he feels that everything in his life is circumscribed. His progress comes to a standstill. But when he uses the other instrument, faith, he feels that he is flying up to the highest plane of consciousness and singing the song of the ever-transcending Beyond.

Every day we can bind ourselves or we can free ourselves. We sing the song of bondage consciously or unconsciously by feeding the teeming doubt within us. We fall from the reality-tree again and again when we play with our doubt-friend. But when we dive deep within and bring our heart-illumining and soul-manifesting faith to the fore, we climb up the reality-tree high, higher, highest.

Your question is:
How far can faith take you?
My answer is:
As far as you want,
To see God-Eternity's

We have to be faithful both in the inner world and in the outer world. When we are faithful to our inner and outer life, we feel that our divinity is blossoming petal by petal. When we go deep within, we see that there is only one person who is constantly and eternally faithful to us, and that is God. From time immemorial He has been faithful to us, faithful to His creation.

If we follow the spiritual life, naturally we will want to go to the Source, which is God. We will want to be as divine and great as the Source. If our ultimate aim is to become divine or to become God Himself, then we have to be faithful to the world that we are living in. We have to attend at every moment to what we say and what we think. When a thought comes to us, if it is a divine thought, then we have to feel that it is a blessing that has entered into us.

This blessing we have to offer to the world around us. If we can faithfully and silently offer this divine thought to the outer world, then we are fulfilling the God inside us.
If we are following the path of spirituality, we have to be one hundred percent faithful to our path. If we have a spiritual Master, we have to be one hundred percent faithful to him. We have to be faithful to our inner life, to the path and to the Master we follow. But a day will come when we will realise that we can be faithful to the inner discipline, the path and the Master only when we are faithful to ourselves.

When we perform any action, we have to feel in this action the life of God. When we are eating, we have to feel that the food is God. If we can see and feel God in everything and feel our constant oneness with God, then automatically we will be faithful to ourselves, and when we are faithful to ourselves, we are bound to get what we are aspiring for.

A seeker of the supreme Truth
Has only one necessity,
And that necessity is
The earth-liberating
And Heaven-manifesting God.