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Aspects of the Supreme

God is at once our Divine Father and our Divine Mother. In the West, God the Father is prominent, while in the East, in India especially, God the Mother comes first. Both East and West are perfectly right. When we realise God the Father, we are bound to see God the Mother within Him. When we realise God the Mother, we will unmistakably see God the Father within Her.

When we approach God the Father, we feel His Wisdom, His inner Light, His Vastness. When we approach God the Mother, we feel infinite Love, infinite Compassion, infinite Concern. It is not that God the Father does not have Compassion. He also has it. But God expresses Love, Compassion and Concern through the feminine form more than through the masculine form. In the masculine form He offers Wisdom, Light, Vastness.

Each of these divine qualities — Love, Compassion, Concern, Vastness, Light and Wisdom — is of paramount importance in the life of each aspiring soul. When we feel in the inmost recesses of our heart God's Love, Concern and Compassion and His Wisdom, Light and Vastness, we know that today's unfulfilled man will soon turn into tomorrow's realised, fulfilled and manifested God.

When a human mother notices the shortcomings, imperfections and weaknesses of her child, what does she do? She hides them carefully and secretly. She will never even think of exposing her own child to the world.
Similarly, the Divine Mother, who is infinitely more loving and compassionate than any human mother, can never expose Her child. Like the human mother, She hides the teeming imperfections of Her child from others; then She makes Her child aware of his shortcomings because She does not want him to repeat the same mistake. If he repeats the same mistake again and again, God-realisation will always remain a far cry for him. When She makes him aware of his mistakes, of his ignorance, She does it with the best intentions in order that he may know the difference between an ignorant life and a life of wisdom. The Mother Divine does not delay. She carries the child one step forward. She transforms the child's ignorance into wisdom-light. She transforms his weakness into strength. She transforms his life of night into a life of light.

I often hear you refer to God as ‘He'. I see God as all spirit.

A child calls his father ‘Daddy'. The father's friends call him by another name, and his relatives may call him by a different name. Those at the office may call him by yet another name. Nonetheless he is the same man. Similarly, each aspirant can have his own name by which he calls God. It is a matter of personal preference.

In my case, by referring to God as ‘He', I am not denying that God is also the Divine Mother, far from it. God is the Mother. God is the Father. God is Light. God is Peace. God is infinite Energy. When I refer to God as ‘He', I am not taking anything away from God. God will come with all that He is, no matter whether I call Him Father, Mother or Brahma. God does not mind which name we use as long as our call is sincere. Then He simply comes to answer His child's call.

Your Lord Supreme
Is not standing in front of you
With an iron rod
Ready to strike you
The moment you make any mistake.
Far from it!
Through your obedience-light
One day you will realise
His Oneness-Delight with you.

Is it better to see God as Mother or Father?

On the one hand, just as the soul is neither masculine nor feminine, neither is God masculine nor feminine. Masculine and feminine are only seen in the mind. At the highest level there is only God. Again, a seeker can see God and speak to God the way he wants to. If he cares for the qualities of the Mother, then he will approach God the Mother. But Mother and Father are always one.

When we approach God the Mother, it is like the human mother. The human mother always feels her son is a child, even if he is sixty years old. The mother will always show overwhelming affection, love, concern and compassion. The mother will try to give the child everything all at once.

The father also has boundless love, concern and blessings, but he is more practical; he will not spoil the child. The father feels the child may squander their wealth. Only when the child is more mature, more advanced, will he give him money. But the mother feels, “No, just because he is my child, let me give him all our wealth. Even if he misuses it, no harm. We have plenty.”

It is always easier and faster if one can approach God the Mother. When the child cries, immediately the mother comes. But the realisation is the same whether one approaches God the Mother or God the Father.

God the Father
Is all protection to the seeker.
God the Mother
Is all nourishment to the seeker.

Can God also be seen as a child?

If we feel that God is a very old man, like a grandfather or great-grandfather, all the time pointing out our mistakes and errors, then we are mistaken. We must feel that the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God is our real eternal Friend and Comrade. We must feel that we are all children and that He is our age. In terms of our realisation we are all beginners, because our goal is infinite Light and infinite Bliss, and we have yet to come near the threshold.

There is a child
Crying for you
Inside your heart-life.
Do you know its name?
There is a child
Waiting for you
Inside your soul-love.
Do you know its name?

If we are sincere with ourselves and feel that we are all beginners, all children, then we can feel that God is coming to us as a Child because His Purpose is to play with us. Grown-ups will not play, but a child constantly wants to play, all the time and everywhere. If we feel the necessity of always remaining children, then God can come to us in the form of a Child. He is the eternal Player in His eternal Garden; today He plays with our desires, tomorrow He will play with our aspiration, and the day after tomorrow He will play with our realisation.

When we are consciously praying, concentrating and meditating, God peeps at us like a child. He sees whether we are actually meditating or not. It is like a child peeping through the window to see what his parents or older people are doing. When the child sees he is going to be caught, he runs away.

God the divine Child wants to play His Cosmic Game of hide-and-seek with us. When God hides, we have to seek Him; when we hide, God will come and seek us. In that way we become the sweetest of friends, eternal friends. If God is one-pointed, if He is always catching us with His Knowledge, Wisdom and Vision, then there will be no Game. If one party in a game is by far stronger than the other party and always wins, then the loser will not continue playing. So God comes in the form of a child and peeps at us, His children.

God is my constant Playmate.
My heart is sailing directly
Towards His Silence-Home.

What is the most effective way to think of the Supreme as my friend?

Sometimes you inwardly talk to yourself or you talk to a friend. Your friend may be hundreds of miles away from you. Physically you cannot see him, but you can feel his vibration. In the same way, try to imagine that there is an eternal Friend inside you, and that is the Supreme.

When you are speaking to your friend mentally, he may not be able to hear you. But when you talk to the Supreme, He is definitely listening to you. When you can feel that there is somebody listening to you, when you can feel His Presence, then automatically your way of talking to the Supreme will be complete.

If your consciousness
Remains deep inside your heart
And you are constantly
Thinking of God,
Then all your problems will be solved,
Even if you simply ignore them.
Needless to say,
This applies only to you,
Since you are a soulfully sincere seeker.

When I have problems I can't seem to really solve them. Even my friends and parents don't always know what is best. Will it help if I think of the Supreme as my friend and ask the Supreme how to solve them?

There is somebody who knows what is best for us and that person is the Supreme. The Supreme is not a mental hallucination. We will be able to see Him, we will be able to speak to Him, we will be able to dine with Him. He is not only our Father; He is also our eternal Comrade. We have to give Him responsibility for us. Each time we are attacked by a problem, instead of trying to solve it ourselves, with our limited capacity or wisdom, we have to offer it to the Supreme.

His Eyes have better vision than ours. His Ears hear more quickly than our human ears. We talk to human beings who have no time to hear us; they have so many things to do in the outer world. But we very often forget that there is somebody else who is always eager to hear from us, even though we do not speak to Him. Sometimes we speak to our own mind, to our own dissatisfied vital, but rarely do we try to speak to our inner being. If we discover the secret of speaking to our inner being, then we will solve all our problems.

If you are loyal to God
And take Him as your only Friend,
How can you have any serious problems?
Even your mind-problems
Will be taken care of
By His Heart's Compassion-Concern-Sky.