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Divine Justice

In the ordinary human life, justice says, “As you sow, so you reap.” This is justice: tit for tat. If somebody has done something wrong, we feel we have every right to threaten him, frighten him and punish him. But this kind of justice is on the lowest rung of the human ladder. When we step up to a higher rung, justice becomes forgiveness. If we can forgive someone who has done something wrong, that forgiveness itself is justice.

Divine Justice is ready at every moment to be of help to us, to inspire us, guide us, mould us and shape us. But we are equally afraid of divine Justice and human justice. When we do something wrong, we feel that we will be exposed. This is true in the case of human justice. But divine Justice will never, never expose us. The first time we do something wrong, divine Justice will forgive us with its Compassion. The second time we do something wrong, it will offer us more Compassion. The third time we do something wrong, it will offer us infinite Compassion. Then, when the Supreme sees that even His infinite Compassion is not solving the human problem, He will use His loving, divine Authority, His divine Power.

This divine Power is not a destructive power. It is not a threatening power. This divine Power awakens the dormant lion in each human being. Divine Power does not dominate. It only arouses the spiritually hungry lion in each human being. The lion can roar, but the lion is fast asleep. This lion embodies our inner cry to see the ultimate Truth, to grow into the Absolute Reality.

Today my Lord Supreme is telling me
That His Compassion
Is absolutely free of charge
And His Justice borders on indulgence.
I am all eagerness
To have them both
In abundant measure.

When we enter into the highest level of consciousness, there is no question of either punishment or forgiveness. It is only a matter of illumination. The highest Self encompasses and embodies all of Reality. So if one part of its existence is unillumined, it does not punish or forgive. It tries to illumine that part of its own existence. When we see the world from the highest plane of consciousness, we feel that the ignorant, obscure, impure, imperfect world needs illumination. Here, justice is the feeling of oneness. Divine Justice is the transformation of our own unlit existence. Divine Justice is self-illumination.

Divine Justice is nothing short of divine Forgiveness. Human justice says that if somebody has stolen something, he has to be punished. Human justice tells us that this is the right thing, and it gets tremendous pleasure by punishing the person. But when divine Justice operates, even if it takes an outer form, inside this Justice there is tremendous compassion. While the inner judge is telling the world that so-and-so is the culprit, he is illumining the person's mind so that he does not enter into ignorance again. When divine Justice is offered, there is an inner compassion and an inner illumination inside it. They work together so the seeker does not fall again and again into the sea of ignorance.

When human justice operates, the culprit does not feel that anybody else has instigated him. He feels that he has been responsible all the time. Divine Justice helps the culprit realise that it is not he who has committed the wrong act, but something else, which we call ignorance, which has operated in and through him.

When divine Justice operates, the person feels miserable that he has allowed some wrong forces to enter into him and act in and through him. He feels he was a fool to allow somebody or something else to operate in and through him. He realises he should act only according to his own soul's divine guidance.

God's Compassion
Forgives us.
God's Justice
Illumines us.

Why does it sometimes seem that God's Justice does not give the same opportunity to everyone?

When we see that someone is not getting the same amount of peace, light or bliss from God, we have to feel that the Supreme is giving to each one according to his capacity or his receptivity. The Supreme is always doing justice to the inferior one, to the one who is still in a preliminary stage. But at the same time, He is all Love for that person. He does not want that person's inner vessel to burst untimely. If you ask, “Why is the Supreme not playing His Game justly? Why is He giving so much peace and power to one person and not to another?” the answer is that one person is not ready. Whatever He is giving to each person is a sign of His Love. He will say, “You are My infant, My child, and I can give you this much. This is what is required.” If the Supreme gives him more than that, He may ruin the inner progress of that individual. But the one who is given more has the capacity to receive it, to embody it and to fulfil it.

In the ordinary life, we feel that equality is justice. But in the divine life, if somebody has the capacity to receive more peace, more light, more bliss from Above, then he should be given more. Equal opportunity should be given, but if you have more capacity or receptivity than I have, then you should progress according to your own speed and not slow down to my speed. If you wait for me, then God's Hour will have to wait for you, and you will not reach the Goal at God's choice Hour.

This kind of equality is not an act of illumination. If your time has come, you go. God has given me the same opportunity, but you have developed more capacity. That is why you have received more light and you can run faster toward your Goal. When God gives me the capacity at His choice Hour, at that time I also will reach the Goal. This is called divine Justice. God is constantly giving us all the same opportunity, but our individual capacity is not the same.

What does God's Justice do when jealousy and impurity are brought before the Supreme's Court?

God's Justice is not human justice; it is not punishment. God only says, “I have given you chances time and again, but you have not properly used the golden Hour. Again, I am ready to give chances endlessly.” At that time God deals with His infinite Patience. First He deals with Light. He tries to illumine our jealousy and impurity and transform them into a feeling of oneness and purity.

But if the seeker does not want his jealousy or impurity to be illumined, then God uses another weapon: His Patience-weapon. The first weapon he uses is His Wisdom-weapon. Patience also is a form of wisdom, and wisdom is patience, but we separate them.

Suppose you are a selfish person. God says, “The moment you forget about your personal, selfish, self-seeking life and care only for self-giving, then your jealousy will go away. The moment you pay attention only to purity, then impurity will leave you.” First this wisdom God will try to shower on you. But if you do not avail yourself of this opportunity to receive God's Wisdom, then God will use another weapon which is called His Patience. He will wait until you feel the necessity of purification and transformation of your nature.

Then, after ten years or twenty years or fifty years, again He will try to inspire you. At that time, if He succeeds, well and good. Otherwise, there will be another time. In this way continuously He will go on, go on, go on. In the course of time, the seeker will fulfil the demands of his inner being and God's Promise to His own Reality.

My Lord Supreme,
You forgive me
And give me another chance,
Not because
I deserve forgiveness
But because
You want Your entire creation
To be absolutely perfect.

Is force excluded in divine Justice?

The Supreme uses force, but it is not human force. Beating or striking someone, showing supremacy or authority: this is human force. But the Supreme's Force operates in a different way. His Force is the intensity of necessity. Suppose the seeker is not intense in his aspiration. The Supreme will make him intense. This intensity you can call force, but it is not thrust upon him. Somebody is lethargic. He wants to go slowly, at the speed of an Indian bullock cart. But God says, “Now I have invented the jet plane. Why do you have to use an Indian bullock cart?”

So God will use His Intensity-Power. This Intensity we may misunderstand. We may think that God is forcing us, that He is compelling us to go. No, He is just awakening us. He just says, “Look, open your eyes. Here is the fastest speed.” When He awakens our consciousness, we feel that it has been done by pressure. But if we are sincere, devoted and surrendered, we do not feel any kind of pressure; we only feel that the time has come. God has selected a choice Hour and He has awakened us.

In human force there is a compulsion. The force is coming to frighten us, to threaten us. But when there is force in divine Justice, it does not frighten or threaten us. It only increases the intensity of our aspiration so that, like a bullet, we run towards the goal. When God uses force, God will ask us to run towards the goal at the pace that He has set, not at our pace. If we do not identify ourselves with God's Will, then it really becomes a kind of pressure, a force. But if we become one with Him, then there is no pressure or force.

O fearful heart,
Do believe that God does not know
How to punish.
God knows only how to illumine
And thus satisfy His Eternity's
Infinite Vision-Dreams.

What is your view of the part of the Bible that says we should fear God's Justice?

You have to forgive me, but I cannot subscribe to that view. We must not fear God's Justice and we must not fear God. If we fear God, we will never be able to reach God, we will never be able to get anything from God. If a child is afraid of his father, he will not be able to receive anything from his father. He will not even go to his father. If he sees that his father is so tall and robust and powerful, then he will not go to him. But if the child loves the father, even though the father has power and strength, the child feels that the father is not going to use it to strike him. On the contrary, the child feels that the father will use that power to protect him if he is in danger. The child feels that his father's power is all for him.

To approach God with fear or through fear is very unhealthy. We should only love God. We should feel that what our Father has, we also have. Unfortunately, we are still children; that is why our Father is unable to give it to us. The father does not give his vast wealth to a child. But when the child grows up, he gets what his father has and what his father is. If we can love God soulfully, then God will give us everything.

Do not fear.
He who fears cannot stay near
God's Compassion-Eye
And God's Forgiveness-Feet.

When a child is playing in the mud and then all of a sudden he is called, he is not afraid that his mother will beat him because he is dirty. He will go running to his mother and his mother will immediately take his dirt, his filth, as her very own. She will wash him in order to show others that her son is also very clean. We have to approach God like that. No matter how many undivine things we do, we can run toward Him and feel that with His Compassion He will clean us

Does God use force to make human beings listen to Him?

God is infinitely wiser than we are. Someone with less power than God may try to force another individual to do something that he does not want to do. But God does not force anyone to do anything. He feels that if He uses force, then we cannot get the ultimate joy.

You can force someone to eat, but inwardly he will curse you. God only says, “My child, I am telling you to eat this for your own good. If you eat this food, you will get nourishment. Then you will be strong and you will be able to fight against ignorance.” God offers His Light, His inner nourish- ment, but He does not force anyone to accept it.

God sees the past, the present and the future. He knows that the right thing is to constantly offer us His Wisdom and infinite Patience. Human beings do not always have patience. They feel that by striking their child and by forcing him to do certain things, they are doing the best thing. But God the Father will not act in this way. He will only show infinite Compassion-Light. Then, in return, His child will eventually offer infinite gratitude to God. The child will receive this Compassion and he will try to become worthy of his Father.

Look at the power of a Justice of the Supreme Court when he is in his office. Again, when this same man is with his wife and children, he cannot exercise this kind of power. His own son may not listen to him. The Supreme Court Justice and the father are one and the same person. When he is in court, the whole nation listens to him, but at home his own children may not listen to him.

Similarly, when He is in Heaven, the Supreme is really the Highest and, at the same time, He is constantly transcending Himself. The Supreme has the supreme Power in the inner world. But when He wants to operate here on earth with His children, He uses infinite Patience. He becomes one with their ignorance and says, “All right, if you want to disobey Me, if you want to play these kinds of silly games, then let Me also play a little with you.”

On earth God manifests not only Power but all His other qualities through Love. God can use His Power, but he prefers to manifest Himself through Love, Concern and Compassion.

If you open your heart,
You will feel that God
Can never be strict with you,
For His Compassion-Height
Is infinitely stronger
Than His Justice-Light.

How do God's and man's laws compare?

God's Law is operated by His Compassion-Light and man's law is operated by his judgement-might. When I do something wrong, human law tries to punish me, but punishment is not the ultimate answer. In the case of God's Law, when I do something wrong, for example when I steal, the Compassion of the Supreme will touch the root of my action and cause me to realise that stealing is wrong, that I should work for what I need and get it in a proper manner.

God's Compassion works in such a way as to help us change, while human law cannot change human nature. It is only divine Law, which is illumining, that can change and transform human nature. Human law is an immediate response to what you have done; it is action and reaction. Divine Law will enter into and transform the root of the ignorance.

Because so many violent things are happening in the world today, and because the world is so full of imperfection and quarrelling, many people say that God is angry with the world. Do you think God is angry with the world, or is He satisfied?

When we think of God as Compassion, as Love, we immediately feel that God is satisfied with us. But when we think of God as Justice, we feel that God is dissatisfied with us for our imperfection, our quarrelling, fighting and so forth. If we go deeper, we feel that God is all Love and that His Love is everywhere; it is all-pervading. It is His Love that pervades Heaven and earth.

God is Delight. From Delight the creation has come into existence, in Delight this world abides, and into Delight each individual soul will retire. If God is all Delight, if He is in Delight, then He cannot be angry with the creation. When somebody is in joy, in true joy, he does not find fault with anything or anybody.

Finally we come to see that it is not we who are actually doing anything. It is God who is the Doer and who is the action, and it is He who is having the experiences that we are seeing all around us. God the Compassion is not angry with us. God the Love is not dissatisfied with us, for it is He who is acting in and through us. He is the experience and He is the experiencer.

Even when
God's Justice descends,
It is accompanied by
His unseen Compassion.